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'Good Trouble' is the show TV has been missing

An image of the Freeform show, Good Trouble's central cast

Last year, The Fosters -  a multi-generational show following the lives of the Adams-Foster family,  came to an end after its 5 season run. Topics on the show ranged from friendships, trauma, to the US immigration system. Rarely do family-dramas truly execute all the essential ingredients for a great tv series: character development, compelling storylines whilst maintaining the heart of a show. But The Fosters, a criminally underrated show, did. Soon after the show's season finale however, Freeform announced a spin-off following sisters Mariana and Callie !

For a show, and characters so well-loved, this news came  with both excitement and trepidation. On one hand, the Adams-Foster chapter now isn't entirely shut entirely closed and we continue to see what life will throw at these characters. On the other hand, The Fosters is a hard act to follow. And with shows such as The OriginalsGrown-ish and Joey springing to mind, spin-offs do historically struggle.

That said, after having seen Good Trouble's season premiere, I'm happy to report that this show has exceeded every expectation and is will have no trouble I'm sure, being one of my top 5 shows of 2019 ! Bold claims, I know. 

An image of Callie and Mariana Adams Foster sitting by a pool

We pick up where The Fosters' fifth season left off; Mariana and Callie heading to L.A. Good Trouble follows them as they navigate life, love and their respective careers. Callie is now working working as a clerk for a conservative judge. Meanwhile Mariana, a recent MIT graduate, scores her dream job as a software engineer for an edgy start-up.

In Good Trouble, is a show that faithfully reflects the experiences of young working women. Shows such as Grown-ish (Black-ish spin-off following oldest daughter Zoey's journey at university) often give glossy portrayals of  being a millennial. These protagonists are often broke while magically living in plush apartments with pretty menial day-to-day plights. Issues arise and are resolved in neat little 30 minute episodes. However for Callie and Mariana,  nothing is smooth sailing on their first day in L.A despite Mariana's albeit hilarious, best efforts.  And for the days that follow, things go from bad to worse particularly at work. 

Having recently left university and started working myself, I know I don't speak for myself when I say how uncertain you can feel at the beginning. University in many ways is a place that can really validate you as a person. You attend lectures, revise, work hard and at the end  get a certificate to say well done, you did it ! If you're lucky, after the (not to be dramatic but) soul crushing job search, you land the job ! 

Upon starting you new job, you're suddenly dealing with  the office culture, the anxiety over your probation period and of course, learning how to do the job itself without too much self doubt or making too many mistakes.

Seeing Callie and Mariana go through the same motions made for an emotional yet cathartic watch. I've never felt so seen and understood by a show. It reflects the very real growing pains and challenges of being a young adult. Like the show's predecessor, Good Trouble will seemingly also  have a supporting cast as fleshed out as its protagonists.  You see, Mariana accidentally-on-purpose signed them up to a commune-like living situation meaning they find themselves surrounded by some dynamic personalities. Through this new younger cast, Good Trouble hints at the storylines to come; bisexuality, police brutality and navigating the politics of working life. 

Plus ! the show's execs have promised us some cameos from the Adams-Fosters family. Yep that does include Jesus (a.k.a Peter Kavinsky a.k.a Noah Centineo) 

So while you most certainly needn't be The Fosters fan to hop on this bandwagon, there's certainly something in it for everyone. 

So have I convinced you to tune in?! Also what has everyone been watching so far this year ?

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