Sunday, 16 December 2018

TV in 2018 (Part 2) : The Good, The Bad & the Meh


Howdy all ! This is the second part of my yearly TV review. I don't have too much to add this time as for the most part I carried on with the series' I was watching so,  do check out Part 1 if you missed it.  I do also feel as though there are a lot of shows I wanted to check from this end of the year that I never got round to so I have big plans for January !

And since it's the end of the year, I'll also include a little list of shows that I'm looking forward to. 

10/10 Would Recommend

Riverdale Season 3

Patriot Act with Hasan Minaj 
I would highly recommend this if you haven't checked it out already. Each week Hasan presents a (often political/cultural) topic ie: Saudi Arabia, Affirmative Action, Amazon. It's meticulously researched and so so funny.

Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia

Strictly Come Dancing S16
I'm SO SAD it's over and have no idea what I'm going to do with my Saturday nights !

Daredevil Season 3
Incredible. Blew my mind. Exceeded all expectations. A top 5 show of the year. And for these reasons there's no WAY I believe it's cancelled. It's going to Disney's streaming service for sure and for the first time ever, I think I might actually get a subscription to this service?!

Home and Away
I don't mention this soap enough but it's been so action packed?! They really drummed up the drama and the series finale was one of the best its been in recent years.  I've actually prefered to it to my other Australian soap opera love, Neighbours.


House of Cards Season 5
This final season felt very rushed. Perhaps because it was since the abrupt firing of Kevin Spacey. While I believe it was the right thing to do, I can't help but wonder what might have been. Robin Wright as usual is formidable as Claire and yet this season still has a gaping Frank Underwood sized hole.

The Originals S3 + 4

Some Anticipated TV Shows of 2019  

True Detective Season 3

The Bachelor 

Good Trouble
The Fosters was another one of my favourite shows and I was gutted when it ended, balled like a baby. So, I'm super happy we're getting a sequel ! Mariana is one of the best written young women on TV and, I haven't watched many shows  that follow the lives of two women. I have high hopes for this one.

Big Little Lies Season 2

The Crown Season 3

Stranger Things Season 3

Looking for Alaska

13 Reasons Why Season 3 
I know, I know. I still can't tell if I should be watching this show but I'm always curious as to where there'll take it next.



  1. EEE! I am SO excited to read that you have been enjoying Riverdale too. It's so cheesy, and over the top, but I just love it?! Scrambling for my laptop on Thursdays has become a regular feature of my week, that I'm always at a loss when it goes on a break. I can't wait for new Stranger Things! My boyfriend hasn't ever seen it, so I will be using this as an excuse to rewatch the series so far! xxx

    1. oh my goodness, obsessed with Riverdale ! I also listen to this follow up podcast called Dial M for Maple if you want to hear other ppl dissect each episode haha. Can't get enough! xxx


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