Thursday, 13 December 2018

Best Podcasts of 2018

An infographic showing the best podcasts of 2018. These are, Anna Faris is Unqualified, Insecuritea, Girlboss Radio, Kermode and Mayo Film Review, About Race with Reni Eddo Lodge , Your Favourite Thing with Wells Adams and Brandi Cyrus

My love of podcasts is no secret. I have about 12 I listen to religiously and probably about 20 altogether. So whittling it down to 6 was so difficult ! But, I did it 🎉🎉

Is incredible. And so are all these podcasts but really. Sophia Amoruso's book Girlboss which I talk a little bit about in a previous post, truly changed my life. And the podcast is essentially an extension of the movement. Each week she interviews successful women in all arenas of life and, they spill the beans on their career and life journeys as well as their secrets to success. 

This is a weekly 2+ hour show all about the latest cinema releases, interviews with the stars and in depth reviews from both film critic Mark Kermode and their listeners. Presenters' Mark and Simon have a brilliant dynamic and I normally find myself chuckling along as I listen. 

This is such a random podcast to have made it onto this list but I'm obsessed. I think it's because the podcast reminds me of the one I had with my pal while at uni ! Wells Adams (Radio DJ, Influencer, The Bachelor alum) and Brandi Cyrus (Presenter, DJ) are two friends who meet up every week(ish - also an inconsistent as our podcast) and just catch up on life. It's that simple.

Genuinely, a highlight of my week. Anna and Sim (Producer and Anna's best friend) are joined by a guest each week. They play situational games, do improv and then call up a real person to give them real advice. But genuinely try to give advice to very real, often relationship questions. The results are both heartfelt and hilarious.

A powerful, well-made docu-style podcast series detailing what it means to be Black and British in the UK today. I'd really recommend you check y

This is one of those two-great-pals-catching-up podcasts but these two are SO FUNNY. It's easy to say something is funny so listening is believing. Insecure is also one of those shows that demands a response/discussion/analysis after pretty much every episode so this is perfect if you're like me and are desperate to hear some other opinions !



  1. I have had Girlboss tabbed for months, but just haven't got around to it. I definitely should try to listen after enjoying Amoruso's book, and hearing your praise! There are so many here I haven't heard of, but seriously want to - so shall be keeping this post in mind for the next time I am choosing a podcast to listen to... Oh, and hello to Jason Isaacs!

    1. definitely worth checking out. Anna Faris is Unqualified is also a must listen ! And yayy a fellow member of the church ;)


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