Sunday, 21 October 2018

Best Movie Weddings

I really need to come up with some better blog post titles but, there was no other way of putting this ! If you like a wedding film as much as I do, these are some of the best ones out there. Oh and if you use these links, you can rent them all on Amazon for like £3 each. So everyone wins here !

Jumping the Broom 
Ah the classic boy meets girl, they fall in love, get engaged and are all set to get married. But then their families meet and hate each other and all the cracks of their relationship begin to show and you don't think they'll make it. It's one of my favourite rom-com tropes! We're normally pretty sure the couple will pull through and this film is no exception. To be honest, there were so many shady digs from both sides of the family I don't know that they should have. But that's what makes this wedding so sweet! Not only do the couple pull through and have abeaut outdoor wedding, officiated by TD Jakes 🤣, Paula Batton in a beaut Vera Wang looking gown and Angela Batton looking royal as Mother of the Bride; both families reach a mutual understanding and actually become friends. Reconciliation all around.

Bride Wars
Not all the best wedding scenes have to be succesful weddings. Tension mounts throughout the film, between these two once best friends who end up trying to sabotage each other's big day,c ulmilating in a wedding cat fight of epic proportions. Not one to be missed folks.

My Best Friend's Wedding
This list was never not going to feature My Best Friend's Wedding. Starring Julia Roberts as Jules and Cameron Diaz as Kim, this film gives wedding sabotage a whole new meaning. Jules' best friend (played by Dermot Mulroney) is marrying Kim and as soon as he shares his good news, Jules realises she's in love with him. Naturally. In a race against time, we then see her try and break up this couple with frankly a very weak foundation. As in, I doubt this couple would survive in the real world. Jules makes some shocking decisions and you know what she's doing is wrong but you still root for her !

The Proposal 
This is a very underrated romantic comedy and I'd argue one of Sandra Bullock's best. The film features an absolutely stunning barn wedding layout, an arguably pretty ugly wedding dress we're all supposed to like but also ... Betty White! The scene is breathtaking. Unconventionally, the couple getting married only realise they're in love ... at said wedding. But it might be too little too late !

Crazy Rich Asians 
This film features arguably my favourite wedding scene of all time. ALL TIME. Not to be dramatic but I don't think any film is going to trump this wedding scene in my lifetime.

LOOK at this bride. The setting and layout and dress and all guests look insane. Kina Grannis' beaut cover of 'Can't Help Falling Love' playing live and while all of this is going on, we see loving glanes between Nick and Rachel, the film's protagonists throughout the ceremony. They're crying, the guests are crying, I'm crying. (Nearly) It's a lot. And I'm obsessed.

Caught any of these?! And do you have any more to add to this list?!


  1. I am a sucker (sometimes) for a good romantic film - I really want to watch Crazy Rich Asians, I've heard it's so good!

    1. you HAVE to see it it's possibly the most feel good new-release I've seen this year!


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