Saturday, 8 September 2018

5 Things Commuting has Taught Me

I've literally never cracked a smile on a commute but alas, cute photos. 
I spent my whole life telling people, it's great living in Brighton, and it's only an hour away from London ! Wrong. Very wrong. You see, nowhere is  an hour away from getting to where you actually need to be in London.  The idea of working in London seemed really great until I actually started     But it hasn't all been bad ! And lessons have definitely be learnt. 

I don't like people
However. I have realised I am so easily irritated by everyone else around me. Why does it always feel like people are ... sitting on you? Why can I hear this woman eating? Sir, why can I hear your music?

Enjoying Your Job is Important 
If you don't live in the capital but work there, commuting will take up all your time. It's very early starts, late finishes and getting home even later. You spend so much time working and being around your colleagues so actually enjoying that environment is pretty critical to your mental health. It can be pretty soul destroying to be both stressed and unhappy ... most of the week. 

Weekends are sacred
This brings me on to my second point. When you spend the majority of the week rushing in and out of trains, how you spend your time during the weekend actually matters. Self care - however that looks to you, is so important to your mental health. For me, it's going to the gym, sleeping, eating well and only hanging out with people I genuinely enjoy being around. Chances are, you're probably a bit drained from the week so not physically and emotionally exerting yourself during the weekend is key. 

You'll have many plans for your commute ... You'll likely just sleep
I planned to finish 3 books a week, plan my finances, fill in job applications ... sort out my entire life basically. I lug notepads and stationery with me everywhere but all I end up doing is eating Skittles and sleeping... the whole commute. 

Trust your instincts
This is something work in general has taught me. Leaving uni isn't exactly the smoothest transition and even if you're fortunate enough to get a job, there's so much uncertainty. But the biggest thing I've taken away is to trust your instincts. There'll be a lot of voices giving you career advice and while that's great, you know what doesn't feel right/authentic to you. And as Lyft Bae from Insecure taught me this week, if you don't like where you are , you've got to shake things up (or at least work towards it). 


  1. I'm pretty lucky in that I don't have a particularly long commute - I always, always fall asleep on trains though so when I have to go to London, I'm never very productive during the journey... Still, I like to have those 20-30 minutes a day to myself!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. having that time to yourself is such a good way of looking at it!

  2. Can relate to lots of these! I drive for most of my commuting, but I've started appreciating that it's one of the few times of the day that I'm not looking at a screen. Totally agree about the weekends, I would love for 3 day weekends to be more often to properly recharge! | Design & Lifestyle blog


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