Saturday, 15 September 2018

3 Magazines I Read Without Fail

I had all these plans to buy a bunch of cool indie magazines, to show you all what's out there. And while there are 2 or 3 indie magazine stores I love, I found myself staring down the aisles, feeling uninspired and quite honestly unwilling to spend the dolla. The truth is, while there's a lot out there, the heart wants what it wants. And this heart, only ever wants the same 3 magazines.

There was a time people read magazines and we all migrated to reading articles online because we save money and avoid ads ! I feel that but I still love magazines; the way they feel and being able to completely switch off. Which is why I gravitate towards indie mags. The ones I read have so much reading content which is fab because it can take weeks to finish and ! only have about 6 ads. A dream.


Like all the best things in life, Stylist is FREE. The Stylist website is one of my absolute favourites when it comes to sharp, glossy opinion pieces on fashion, lifestyle, beauty, politics, film ... and the magazine is essentially a snapshot of the site. They're super quick to flick through and did I mention, FREE?! Keep a look out if you're out and about in London !


If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know it's no secret how much I love Blogosphere. It's time to subscribe honestly; each issue just gets bigger and better! Each issue highlights business, fashion, beauty, books, photography, fitness, travel and food bloggers and has a tonne of interviews with multi-hyphenates from all over the world ! If you're a blogger, it's also the easiest way to get tips on growing your blog.


I'm really fascinated by the incredible startup culture we're living in and dream of starting a business one day and Courier is just so inspirational ! Everything I read in here excites me. It's full of interviews and articles on startups doing well in the world, smart ideas, business tips ... I could go on. It's also pretty dense despite only being £5 and full of content I honestly don't believe I could find online ... all in one place.

Read any of these? Also do you have any magazine recommendations?!


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