Sunday, 22 July 2018

Post Uni Blues + Book Chat: Dream Big, Hustle Hard by Abadesi Osunsade

Here I am, at my beaut uni. A zoomed out shot felt most appropriate because my jeans are too big and my wig is out of sorts so it's for the best.

I’d been planning to write this post all year as I've had a heavy case of early onset "post-uni" blues. As in ...  it kicked in from about Week 3 into my final year. If you're at uni and have no idea what I'm talking about, let me do for you what BeCloumar did for me and warn you now.   

Post-uni blues is a phenomena which sees some recent graduates slump into low moods/depression after leaving university. And it makes sense, right? Uni (for many people) is this amazing bubble - you're surrounded and constantly socialising with people your age, studying a course you hopefully enjoy and your daily trials and tribulations consist of whether you go to the 9 am or 2 pm lecture - the answer is neither, catch up online (you probably won't do that either). And then that all ends and you're facing reality. You don't know what you're going to do with your degree which is suddenly looking v random, working 9-5 everyday suddenly doesn't look all that great, you might be unemployed for a bit and if you find a job, it may be a while before you can actually afford to move out. Funnily enough, things have really fallen into place .. a bit over the past weeks for me buuut it was grim for most of the past so I feel v qualified talking about this.

It wasn't all grim to begin with. In summer 2017, I was feeling on the top of the world. Post-uni blues? Not fo me not my portion amen thank you v much. It was the summer I'd just come back from France and joined Bright Network - a UK recruitment company for graduates. Soon after, I got invited to a careers event and thought - my life begins here. I'm about to embark this beaut career journey.


Sure I don't know what I want but I go to a great uni, I speak an extra European language, I want to make a lot of schmoney ... that should be enough. Friends, it is not. Anyway off I go to London when I get there, find this mahoosive queue of other soon-to-be grads dressed in suits, heels and pouring over pages of notes. Meanwhile I'm standing here in a leather jacket and multi-coloured Zara hairband - I wish I was joking. Also, what are we all reading?! These businesses need *us* - chilll.

When we got into the building and saw that every stand there was some top bank, accountancy firm or law firm ... I realised a. how intense and competitive the job market can be and, b. what being prepared and unprepared looks like. I would also add that if you don't adequately research, the job market will look like banking and consultancy with your only option as BA student being a GDL. I got really down after this event and consequently lost for the majority of the year because none of these careers were very authentic to who I am, my interests or strengths and just felt overall pessimistic about the future.

I recently read a book I really wish I'd read at the beginning of the year and want to share it with you all ! Dream Big, Hustle Hard: A Millennial Woman's Guide to Success in Tech, is a short, step by step guide to navigating your career and everything that comes with that process, especially as a black woman. Yes, I got it because I''m looking into tech careers, and at a point now where I always seek advice from successful black women in all areas of life.

All these are a huge plus. But it's also very much a millennial guide to navigating confidence, careers and the hustle. Attaining and securing job interviews, internships, CVs, work itself ... there's advice in here that everyone needs. Each chapter ends with a checklist of practical things you can do to better prepare yourself and refine a particular skill that'll help you progress. Not only does Abadesi integrate a whole workbook, she also encourages readers to work through it with friends ! I'll definitely be going back and using it as a reference guide and, love the idea of collaborating, encouraging and learning from your friends and holding each other accountable to achieving bite-size goals! A fab gift for other pals going through the blues. 

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