Thursday, 1 March 2018

March and April: Anticipated Magazines, Books + Films

March is here but Spring hasn't exactly sprung now has it? I personally am so over the snow. Half of me wants to email in to my lecturers saying I can't make it because if we're being honest, venturing out is a bit long. But the other half of me wants to leave because I'm getting a serious case of cabin fever.

Anywho I thought it'd be quite nice today, to share a pretty helpful list I normally make for myself  ! With all the books and films coming out pretty much every day, it can be hard to keep track of the ones you want to check out. And you know when you have those days where you want to see a film or want to read something new but you've forgotten everything you were ever excited about?! Well, voila ! These are a few I've got on my radar at least for the next two months and, I reckon I'll continue making this list every two months so do come back.

I've also managed to get my hands on a couple of the books on this list so I'm really excited to review those for ya. Film wise I think March is fab because although Oscar films are wonderful, it's quite nice to be watching films a. I'm not trying to analyse b. have such high expectations of or c. have seen every review and interview of before entering the cinema room. Side note, who else is going to be  happy after March 4th, we never have to watch another talk show host ask Saoirse Ronan what its like to be Irish and live in the same universe as Timothee Chalamet #blessed. 

Do leave a comment especially if you have any other recommendations or thoughts on the shenanigans on this list xo 

As per usual I'll be reading the latest Blogosphere Magazine. They released the new cover yesterday with Lydia Elise Millen and it is beautiful. Each issue just gets better and better so I cannot wait. Will possibly be a highlight of this month, no lie. Apart from Blogosphere, the only other magazine I read is Red. Everything else seems to have too many ads and sub-par interviews and content. That being said, we've got a great indie magazine store in Brighton though and indie magazines do seem to be the way forward. So I plan to venture in there (or online) and get a copy of Darling and also The Gentlewoman


Speak No Evil
Proud Mary 
Game Night
Red Sparrow
A Wrinkle in Time
Paul, Apostle of Christ

Sophia of Silloncon Valley 
In Conclusion Don't Worry About It
Other People's Houses 
Can't Help MyselfUnwifeable
The Week Of
Avengers Infinity War
Every Day
I Feel Pretty

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