Wednesday, 7 March 2018

A Few Feel Good TV Shows

... that make me fuzzy inside !

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It's pretty apt this post is coming to you on a Wednesday because today pals, is the day I catch up on all my TV of the week. This is my personal self-care time. I normally feel too guilty during the weekend to completely chill but as I have no classes on Wednesdays, I treat it a little bit like a weekend.

Today isn't a How To Get Away with Murder or Homeland kinda day. Comfort and switching off are the agenda so with that being said, here's a list of a my current favourite feel good shows.

This is possibly my guiltiest of pleasures and I have no shame in sharing this with you. This neighbourhood is essentially one big mostly happy family and the love between them all makes me gooey inside :')  Here is a soap opera neighbourhood I would happily live in; nothing super dangerous is happening, no one living there is particularly evil and apart from the everyday hiccups of life, if anything bad happens on the show it's normally an accident ♡. Neighbours is probably the only show on this list I watch on a daily so I rarely have eps to catch up on by Friday. Don't knock it until you've tried it.Unless like most people my age you stopped watching when you were 12 in which case ... come back !

Black-ish is sharp, socially aware, family comedy that fills the middle class successful black family gap we haven't hadd on TV since the Huxtables (and we all know what happened to them). Besides the super witty humour and quick and smart characters, my favourite thing about the show isthe fact that it really has it's finger on the pulse when it comes to highlighting important topics in fresh, creative ways.


Grown-ish is the Black-ish spin-off centred on their daughter, Zoey Johnson and her university experience. As a Black-ish fan it's really nice to see both the character Zoey and actress Yara Shahidi grow into themselves for what was a underdeveloped character on the show. And yes it's a spin-off but it's very much its own show which I'd say has slightly more grown-up audience. I've also never seen a show chronicling the university experience and even though this is an American university, quite a lot of the sentiments, personalities and experiences still ring true which is such a breath of fresh air.

The Bachelor

Not enough people in the UK watch this ! So let me convince you.
25 women, 1 Bachelor - pretty much always ending in a proposal. We also have The Bachelorette which is just the reverse formula and has produced far more successful couples. And you can watch it for the love story; like I said there are couples who've gone on to get married, have kids, live in beaut houses and sell Fab Fit Fun boxes and Slimtea on Instagram - all the goals. I personally watch it for the drama and recap podcasts I listen to afterwards. Because when one person is simultaneously dating and falling in love with multiple women, a lot can go wrong. And it normally does. It's been on air form I believe 15 years so there a so many you could watch. I'd recommend the latest season; the Bachelor was possibly the worst, most dull Bachelor we've ever had HOWEVER the season finale was like ... the best reality TV I've ever seen.

The Fosters
The Fosters follows Lena and Steph, a couple who've adopted 5 kids over the years. It's another one of those feel good but also makes you cry kinda shows and I'm all for it. At the heart of it, is a loving family with each character having a very fleshed out and distinct story line and arc, which is what makes it such compelling TV. AT the moment, the show is exploring men being respectful of women in the workplace, menopause, anxiety at an older age, a trans male coming out, a woman struggling with her sexuality, young teen fighting the DACA system - and so much more ! I cannot recommend it enough !


  1. Ohh I love The Fosters! I should really catch up with it. I've been too busy to keep up with TV-shows but after next week I should have a lot more free time!

    1. and its the 2 hour finale?! I think its the very last episode ever (though not 1000% sure). I'll be so sad if its over !!

  2. I love How to Get Away With Murder - it's so addictive!


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