Sunday, 18 February 2018

Rom-Coms: So Bad they're Good Edition

Happy Sunday ! I hope you all had a fab Valentines/Galentines if you were celebrating. I don't particularly care for either but did have a few friends and made them watch My Best Friend's Wedding, which they had never seen ! They also haven't seen Notting Hill or When Harry Met Sally so might take one for the team and start a little rom-com film club !

Classics aside,  a sub genre of rom-coms I also enjoy are the - so bad they're good selection ! Very neglected. Coming up with a list was a tough task because this entire sub genre really teeters on the very fine-line of good and bad. But, I do now feel confident in my choices. Let me know what you make of this list ! And let me know if you have any more.

The Accidental Husband 

Saw this for the first time this month and oh my word the cinema sins. First and perhaps most importantly Jeremy Piven is not Indian ... right? I don't get it, why not hire an Indian actor?! Or make it so he's not Indian? I'm so confused, were they his family? Because from where I'm standing this man is clearly Caucasian. Well it was the 90's, a far more problematic time. That aside ... and the fact this is Colin Firth in possibly his  least charming role ... and the fact the plot makes little sense ... it's a delight ! It made me really appreciate Uma Thurma whose charm and charisma is enough to carry this entire film and all its faults.

How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days

I'm not 100% sure this should even be on the list because my love for this film is deep.Matthew McConaughey plays prick, changed by the love of a good woman so well.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

McConaughey playing the same character again, in a film with a brilliant concept that's not so brilliantly executed. It's McConaughey though so ...

Something Borrowed

This one went a bit under the radar so I'll fill you in. It's  about a friendship that's tested after Rachel falls for her best friend Darcy's fiance. The book is one of the best romances out there. The film is  ... a little cringe.  Rachel is almost so bland its as though she deserves to be in love with a guy she can't have. And Darcy's so bitchy and such a bad friend its as though she deserves to be cheated on when it eventually happens. A bit harsh but Kate Hudson plays these sort of characters so well !


These two randomly bump into each other and its an instant love at first sight vibe. Only noone watching actually believes this would happen. Not only is Kate Beckinsale low key totally out of John's league, their personalities are so different?! But we all go along with the magic of it all because it's Christmas ! It's not fate. 


  1. I am not much of a rom-com kind of person - so I can admit I've never actually watched any of these films. Although sometimes the cheesy and light hearted is good for a chill night where you don't want to have to think about/analyse too much - so I wouldn't rule these off my list!

    1. exactlyy! I'd recommend starting with How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days which is probably one of the better ones on this list

  2. I'm all for bad romantic comedies, and I agree with a few on this list. I actually made my own list of 10 bad romantic movies the other week, and The Accidental Husband was on there too! Definitely not as bad as people think.

    Have you seen Because I Said So? Because that movie only has 4% on Rotten Tomatoes and would fit this list perfectly! :D

    Check out my list here:

    1. ooh will check it out! I'm always on the hunt for more. It really isn't?! Uma Thurma can do no wrong in my eyes. and I havent seen Because I Said So but looking at the synopsis and cast now, definitely my kind of movie haha

  3. I love Serendipity even though it's fairly terrible. But a crappy movie every now and then is good for the soul.


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