Friday, 23 February 2018

How To Read a Hardback

I'm not a fan of hardbacks. Not only are they far too expensive (who wants to buy a book for £18.99 ... in this economy), they're also bulky and not comfortable to hold.  They actually only look nice on shelves. Hardbacks have also always been the elite format of literature, with paperbacks coming out often an entire year later. And I get why it might be useful for say, a library to have hardbacks in terms of durability, but it just feel really unfair that someone might really want to read a book and would have to wait an entire year before they can afford to own it. It's just so exclusionary.

I try avoid physical books pretty much altogether because of my Kindle but sometimes ... sometimes I find myself having to get a hardback. It's so rare to be honest but maybe once a year, I'll be anticipating a book I just need to firstly own and, read straight away. The Good Immigrant was one of them and this year, The Last Black Unicorn - which was out of print because it was so popular - had to wait for months !

1. First thing's first, take that cover off. If you're like me and its going to take you longer than say 2 days to finish this book, you're planning to take it on public transport, or you'll be keeping it in your bag?! The beaut paper cover will not last. It'll wilter before you've even had a chance to open the book. And if you want this book to sit nicely on your shelf one day, just don't read it with the cover.

2. Don't put toooo many things in your bag if you're going to be carrying it around. I unfortunately learnt this the hard way but my current hardback looks like its been attacked by keys ... and knives I don't even know how. There's also like lip gloss on it, frankly I'm disgusted at myself. If your bag has a separate compartment, just empty that out and put it there.

3. Read in bed. With a duvet. These books aren't comfortable or flexible. They'll prod you all day and restrict your ability to multitask.  You see with a Kindle, I can walk, eat and read at the same time. Hardback? I need both hands because they're so heavy. You need to sit up and rest it comfortably on a duvet. Sometimes I do this in the summer not going to lie. Gotta do what I've got to do.

4. Don't lend. Listen this may sound harsh but frankly, your friends don't know these rules. And giving them the rules would be overkill :L, plus they won't take you seriously because non-book lovers don't understaaand you. Don't do it pal.

5. Read them as quickly as you can. These tips are great and all but we don't want to push it. The goal is to get the book quickly and safely on your shelf in the best possible condition.


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  1. I love my physical books, but I never leave home without my kindle. This was an interesting post. I agree with all the tips. I don't lend and always take the cover off. Nice post!


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