Friday, 12 January 2018

Award Season Films on My Radar

This film gives me major Spotlight vibes. You know in the same way the tension and suspense in  Spotlight was completely driven by people sitting in offices, looking for files? Seems kinda dull but I found myself on the edge of my seat. Anyway the stakes also seem really high because, Meryl and Tom could go to jail for publishing the Pentagon Papers and like Spotlight, the film engages with the pre-internet publishing world.

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This is a bizzare one and I feel, has had no advertising in the UK because I literally heard about Three Billboards for the first time, about 3 days before it swept up all those Globes, Critics Choice and Bafta nominations – on Kermode and Mayo when the director was interviewed. I love the concept, which I believe was loosely inspired by a true story; a mother looking for answers after her child goes missing and shames the authorities for not doing enough. Expecting some strong performances and a whole lotta drama.

Elle was nominated for best foreign film at the Golden Globes, which only confirms that the Golden Globes is just a party for celebrities and doesn’t take itself seriously. Because I’m pretty sure a. the film came out in 2016 and b. it's already done the award circuit - last year. Should it even be eligible?

Well, I’ve already seen it and it must’ve been the most unsettling film viewing experience I've ever had. It’s about a woman who gets raped, finds out her rapist is her neighbour and then plays a sort of cat and mouse game to lure him in. Only she does it multiple times and it’s not really to expose him. So the entire mystery of the film is working out why she’s luring in someone who rapes her every time and whether she’s enjoying it? Isabelle Hubert is incredible and I’d watch it for her performance alone but it’s one of those films that asks of a lot of its viewers.  

Being the avid Neighbours fan that I am, it’s still a bit surreal seeing lil old Margot Robbie as a leading actress. I’m a fan and can’t wait to see her lead her first film, which she also executive produced yas. I'm not really going in, expecting to be convinced that Tonya had nothing to do with Nancy Kerrigan's attack because ... well I just don't think I can be convinced. But I do want to understand her better. 

Simply because its Daniel Day Lewis’ last film. I wouldn’t see this for any other reason, as the plot seems pretty basic; a wealthy tailor who falls in love.  


Disney are doing the damn thing. The reviews for Coco have been amazing and I’m so here for the new direction they’re taking. It’s meant to be a really beautiful portrayal of the Mexican culture, a message about familial bonds and fab music. I am just living for this new Disney era. 

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