Saturday, 9 December 2017

tv chats on Screen Lounge

Hope the weekend is treating ya well ! I've been doing this thing where I wake up suuuuper early every day at the same time and by super early  I mean 6.45 but ya know, early for me. It was torture in the beginning but now it's great  because by 10 am you've already got so much done and the day has not even begun like wot?!

Anyway, a more interesting thing I do on Saturdays is Student Radio! This is a bit of a doss post but I just wanted to do a bit of shameless plugging and fill you in. It's pretty clear by now that my TV chat on this blog is pretty non-existent, mainly because of laziness. But TV is still one of my greatest loves and I actually have a lot to say, which is why Screen Lounge (my live show) is so fab.

Every Saturday at 3 pm on the URN website, we talk all things TV news, reviews, trailer thoughts, and hidden gems. Today's actually our last show before Christmas (boooo) and we're talking about our favourite episodes of series in 2017. So do listen to find out what mine were !

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