Sunday, 24 December 2017

chick lit, another term we should leave behind in 2017

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A couple of years ago, a friend of mine said I didn't strike him as someone who reads chick-lit. And yes if you were wondering, it was meant to be shady.  It's no secret that I love me some Sophie Kinsella, Nicholas Sparks and Emily Giffin. But in that moment, I was really embarrassed and I imagine, tried to salvage the situation by talking about more "serious" books I read.

Anywho, I literally just googled "Define Chick Lit" and got "Noun, derogatory: literature which appeals to young women" ....... 😒😒

This isn't news though is it. We all know the connotations the genre has. For instance on Mostly Lit (fab podcast would 100% recommend) Derek essentially trolls Rai for liking Jane Austen. c So yes, chick lit is used in a derogatory way. It's not "real" literature. It's "fluffy". Oh and not only is it an insult, it's also like a legit category you'll find in bookshops. What takes all of this bullshit to the next level, is that all this negativity is because chick lit is often by women, about women and understood as exclusively for women.

Another definition: "the genre often addresses issues of modern womanhood – from romantic relationships to female friendships to matters in the workplace – in humorous and lighthearted ways." If it's funny why not just put it in the humour section. Men enjoy humour too? I could simply replace women with men and the connotations wouldn't be derogatory.

Now I'll hold my hands up and say that while I enjoy the genre, a lot of chick lit (much like rom-coms) are trash. I've had to read a lot of it before finding books or author s I absolutely love. But couldn't you say that about a lot of genres? Why is it, that if a story is about women, it is trivial and one dimensional? There is an entire genre, considered subordinate to other genres simply because it has women in it. And why are we trying to box in what all women should be reading anyway? Women obviously read and write genres other than fluffy romances so why try and limit us to one genre.

It is void and does nothing productive for the book industry. Can we just leave it in 2017 please, thanks.


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  1. Yes, yes and YES. Totally agree with this. Too many people have tried to embarrass me in the past for my genre tastes. Just because one person doesn't enjoy it doesn't make someone else a lesser reader for loving it!


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