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Best Podcasts on Relationships #2

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Relationship podcasts make the most mundane of tasks that much more interesting. They're just the best to have on in the background because when you have to really concentrate on a task, they're often so chill with docile tones ya know? Just sets up a great vibe. the best re the best to have in the background when you have to really concentrate on a task, because they're often so chill, with docile tones ya know, sets up a vibe? At least mine do.

More Serious
Dear Sugar Radio
Sheryl Strayed and Steve Almond wrote the very famous New York Times column of the same name, Dear Sugar and have essentially carried the concept on into  podcast form. The structure is as follows: Steve and Sheryl pick a letter they've received, read it, give their advice and get another perspective from someone, often in the public eye, who has experienced a similar issue and can offer some insight. Who doesn't love an advice column! Dear Sugar has also had the likes of Oprah and Hilary fricking Clinton giving their advice so ya know, the advice is good. 

Sheryl Strayed and Steve Almond have also had so much life experience between them and, I really get the sense that they understand and value the importance of their work here. Each response is treated with so much care and compassion, no matter the issue. They've had episodes on bullying, a really three part series on cheating from the perspective of all parties involved 👀👀👀 all the way to PTSD from childhood trauma. 

Where Shall We Begin by Esther Perell
I'm actually really nosy, which is why Where Shall We Begin is perfect for the likes of people like me ! Each episode is a real life counselling session with her clients ?! It is  honesty and vulnerability  in it's purest form is what makes this podcast so fascinating. There was one about a couple who wanted to stay together but the husband wanted kids and his wife didn't ... so she suggested having an open marriage. And then it turned out she actually did want kids but felt too old to an essentially, she had some deep rooted issues that all came to the surface in this counselling session ! What's also great about this, as opposed to getting letters, is that no-one has had time to filter or edit what they want to say or how the wanna to be perceived. So you're getting real time emotions and reactions. 


Anna Faris is Unqualified
This is possibly my  favourite podcast of 2017. I know, big claims. Anna, and her best friend and producer Sim will have a guest on every week. They play a series of situational games that involve a lot of improv on Anna's part. And then they move on to callers ! The first part is definitely the more fun, chilled section. Because the callers actually have legit problems and Anna and her guests take it quite seriously and try to give good, well thought through advice - and they do succeed I should add . A personal favourite was Sharon Stone's episode because noone expected her to give such incredible insightful advice, I think everyone in the room and everyone listening was shocked. Who knew?!

You Had Me At Hello 
This is more of a rom/com podcast ... but the two are loosely related I suppose. It's presented by a couple, who take film couples and analyse and give a breakdown of their relationship. So in doing so, we do end up with an analysis of relationships in general. And I personally love it. 

I've just realised pretty much  all the podcasts I listen to are American so do leave some recommendations below if you have any, especially if they're British !


  1. I'll need to check these out! I tend to listen to crime podcasts but I really want to expand the type of podcasts I listen to xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

    1. Definitely do! Ah see I never got into the crime podcasts bc I couldn't really concentrate. But I think I'm going to try again with Serial!


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