Saturday, 25 November 2017


You may have noticed things have changed a little bit on the blog! So hi again, been a while.

As I write this post, I'm currently buzzing.  I just presented a radio show (Listen! every Saturday at 3pm) and we talk about TV shows. One of my fave friends joined me and it was just bants we had so much fun! But I have gone through a bit of a rough patch personally over the last month and I'm still sort of getting over it. I've been ill, quite overwhelmed, and out of my comfort zone nearly everyday.

Final year just hasn't been easy. I am having fun and i'd still say it's the best uni year so far but it's quite intense. And that's not even just because of the workload. I think the biggest challenge of university  is going to seminars, doing the work, looking after yourself, balancing your friendships, doing stuff outside of your course so you don't drive yourself crazy being in the library all day long, applying for jobs, maybe doing a part time job ... it's a lot.

Sometimes I wonder if I've taken a bit too much on and can't keep up, or this is how everyone feels. This semester has me in a bit of a funny head space because I've been second guessing myself a lot recently. I'm just not sure what I'm really doing in life and I've been making a lot of mistakes and bad decisions .... Adulting is just hard 😭

But back to the blog,  though I'm really happy with the new name and the little tweeks I've made,  I initially felt a lot of shame surrounding having to change the blog name once again. When I no longer like something, I'm quick to change it but it sometimes feels like you've failed when you can't stick to a decision. But a good friend of mine said the other day that growing up is uncomfortable, and I'd add sometimes painful. Being a creature of habit, the prospect of things changing gives me major anxiety and I've felt a bit rubbish when things aren't going my way or I've had to make like 12 bad decisions to before finding a solution.  I'm learning that there's no shame in sticking to your gut and changing your mind, and owning those decisions. It's also pretty inevitable.

So I say all this to say, I'm still going to be blogging about books and film and occasionally TV but I think the vibe is changing slightly so do come back ! I'm really excited about my future posts xo

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