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Friday, 20 October 2017

to my 16 year old self

I actually look about 16 here now that I think about it but no no, this was taken last year

#selflove #glowup #snatchedforthegods - confidence has become such an Instagrammable thing now hasn't it? And that by the way, is so welcomed by me. If there's one great thing that's come from social media and actually 2017 in general, it's that as an online community, we're really into lifting each other up and feeling ourselves. 

   It's also a very millennial (currently loving and owning this word but I'm aware I over use it so that might change) thing; I think because we're all still recovering from the utter discomfort and awkwardness of our teenage years. Obviously I see the value (now) of going through secondary school and puberty and bullies and friendships that only last 2 months max and GCSE's and Nickelodean and the Sims and Tamagotchis. And  yeah yeah, there are some good memories but on a whole if my teenage-hood was a film, it'd get like an an 18% on Rotten Tomatoes.
   Being a cringe or being super awkward and needy aren't even the reasons why growing for me was not so smooth (though both were true), it's more so that I was so uncomfortable and unhappy in my own skin and almost embarrassed to be myself. 

I've since grown up, been through some shizz, come to my senses and genuinely really like the person I'm becoming. And I have to say this fairly-new found confidence is SUPER freeing. It's the freedom to ...

  • Pursue hobbies I want to, even if noone else I know has similar interests. 
  • To talk in front of people and stumble over my words and make mistakes and know, that it's really not that deep.
  • To freely laugh and not worry about what the rest of my face and body is doing (I'm a very .... physical laugher. If you know, you know)
  • To eat in front of people. Seriously what is this hang up even about?! We can all agree that food is amazing and is best enjoyed in the company of others ... outside your parents who question why you eat so quickly and leave your vegetables.
  • To sit alone in public places. I actually love my own company. But seriously do you remember how embarrassing it was to be seen sitting alone in school? How times have changed.
  • Truly accept my body because I'm not here on earth to be physically pleasing to anyone but myself. #wonthedoit And besides I have a beaut, completely abled body - I am beyond blessed. 
  • To be bold and not hide my faith because I've been saavveeed and that is good news !

So to my 16 year old self,

♡  It'll get better. Anxiety is not going to ruin your life.

♡  You can't buy friendship. And they are not your friends. 

♡  You're going to find out that you are really good at certain things.

♡  Be nicer to your brother, he's going to be your life ally.

♡  One day, you will speak French ... without stopping every other word to conjugate it mate how are you not tired.

♡ Stop using Mummy's Iman foundation to powder compact. It's been like, 2 years is that even hygienic? 

♡ Money isn't everything.

♡ Your skin is beautiful. 

♡ Your boobs aren't going to grow anymore and you need to rejoice in that and move on to other concerns. 

♡ You don't have to explain your hair choices to anyone. And everyone and their sister needs to stop rooting your hair.  

♡  Don't quit because it's hard. You're even going to find the very things you enjoy hard and don't be ashamed about it! There's nothing wrong with someone who has to work hard to see results. It's a trait of yours that's about to come in very handy.

♡  Speak up.

♡ Just because you can't draw (and girl you can't, don't force it) doesn't mean you're not creative.

♡ Susan, you're about to spend your hard earned money, and I mean haarrd (worked in a stockroom that played Sean Kingston on loop in my last summer of secondary school - 10 hours shifts imagine) on overpriced foundation that does NOT match you babes. But take heart because Fenty beauty is coming with affordable foundation  and 40 shades?! And soon every high street brand will copy them and you'll be buying £10 foundation from like, Superdrug. In the meantime, maybe stick to that Iman compact, at least it's your shade.

♡  This is the last year you'll play the Sims. The computer is going to break and noone is going to try and fix it to encourage your addiction girl so enjoy it while you can.


Friday, 13 October 2017

Currently Reading: Books, Blogs, Articles etc

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

This post is essentially an accumulation of bits and bobs I've been reading - both in book form but also gems I've found and have been loving online over the past few weeks. Hopefully you get a little bit of inspo or simply some weekend duvet reading.

Eat Sweat Play

Admittedly, I haven't read much of this yet but it's got me thinking about my relationship with sport (which I stopped playing when I turned about 16) and challenged my preconceptions of my body. I'll talk more about it when I finish (probably on Instagram) so stay tuned. So far so good. 

The Roanoke Girls

I read Amy Engel's dystopian dualogy last year and to be honest, I was quite underwhelmed. The review's over here if you care. But I've seen The Roanoke Girls all over the blogs and Booktube, and everyone seems to be saying that it's full of twists and turns which is why I thought, I'll give Amy Engel another go.

It dips in and out of different time periods so arguably hella confusing but, I am sticking with it because the two main characters, cousins Lane and Allegra, have been written so well.

The writing in general is just such an improvement since The Book of Ivy - it's better paced, and the structure - although a bit all over the place at times, is far more original. At that point I'm at in the book,Allegra's missing and because she's such a seemingly unstable, unreliable character, I need to know what's gone down.

Cruelty Free Becky 
I've featured this blog in every single post I've written about blogs I'm loving so basically, I'm a fan. It's a good one to just peruse and educate yourself, be inspired, consider how your lifestyle choices impact the environment and just look at nice photos  because ya know, that's important too.  She also has an equally great YouTube channel which you should definitely take time to check out.

Nettle and Blackberry 
If I had like really really had to pick my favourite favourite blog - it'd be this one. It's everything a great lifestyle blog should be! It's so beautiful, it's so personal (and I feel as a reader that you get little updates into her life), it's so well written and I really trust her reviews and insight. I normally go to different blogs to get these different aspects be it: great photos, personal writing and good reviews. But it's all here on this one amazingly curated blog.
Nah this blog is the goal.

Hello Glow
If Hygee was a blog, this is what it'd look like. I've been trying to get in touch with my body, listen to it take care it of and all that kumbuya shizz and, stumbled across this post about hormones and balancing them. Worth a read.

The Real Life RD
With all that being said, I'm SUPER conscious about taking health advice from the internet and unless it's the literal NHS website, I'd rather not. You have to be really careful, especially blogs that give nutritional advice because while most of the bloggers mean well, they're unqualified. And it's really easy to get sucked in and get obsessive over "health" advice that isn't even correct.
Robyn of The Real Life RD however is a registered nurse and dietitian so I do feel much more at ease with her health related posts - which are grounded in science 👐. This is a great post about what your period can tell you about your health !

It's also a lifestyle blog and the posts have a really chatty, open, relaxed and friendly feel to them. And actually,  my favourite thing to do at the moment is catch up on them in bed on Saturday mornings.

Share some gems and blog links down below too ♡♡♡
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