Friday, 18 August 2017

Why I'm Loving Microblogging

I first heard about micro blogging - using other platforms as a mini blog - on Imii's blog. I guess I was aware of it before but had never really put a name on it. Now that I'm conscious of what it is - I bloody love it!

Obviously here on the blog, I talk mostly about books and films but the truth is, it takes me a hot minute to put posts together. I'm really working on it and I believeeeee (no really, I believe) that over the next few weeks we're going to be seeing miracles on here because I so badly want to be turning out good content every week! But the thing is, I read so much quicker than I can post and I put such an unnecessary amount of pressure on myself to write film posts I'm not sure why, that it just never happens. I think it's because they're probably my absolute favourite things to write that and I always feel like I have loads to say, that I just really work myself until I'm 80% happy with them, before putting them up. I'm currently trying to resurrect about 8 reviews that have just been chilling in my drafts for months - the struggle is real.

The thing with micro blogging - which I'm still getting used to, is that I'm able to document my instant reactions to books, TV, film + life in general without overthinking. I don't edit anything and it feels very free. And I'd say you get a much stronger sense of my personality from those posts because they really are unfiltered. I tend to react to literal pages as I read them :L and love live tweeting shows - especially 'The Bachelor/Bachelorette'.

There's a lot I read that won't ever end up on here  but it's nice to still be able to talk about them and see what other people are thinking too. We're all I feel more likely to comment on an Instagram post or Twitter thread than we are a blog post and we do have different discussions on the respective platforms.

SO! Do check out my Instagram *shameless promo* and give it a follow. And from Monday the 21st, I'll be reviewing every single episode of Marvel's 'The Defenders' and wow I literally decided to do that as I typed out that sentence I am wild. #lookatthisbooknerdgo #lifeontheedge #YOLO


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