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Friday, 25 August 2017

Skincare in the bloglosphere + my skincare routine

Heyyy. Here's an uncomfortably close close up of my bare face this morning - which I've been loving at the moment! So enjoy. It's just been so smooth and I feel like the pretty intense hyper-pigmentation I have is starting to tone down.

I've always been quite into skincare and making sure my skin was as clear as possible. And there was a time I spent QUITE a bit on products. It's mad to think about it now, where did my broke ass 16 year old self think I was going spending £20 on Night Cream?! That was like 4 hours of work worth from my then part time job. Mad. But I've been thinking about it recently and I'd say pretty much everything I've learnt about skincare has been from blogs and YouTube. It's pretty empowering right? That women have been able to learn how to make themselves feel great from each other and have access to free expert advice - at our fingertips! It's pretty rad. And yet at the same time, because some of these influencers are quite well off, they can afford the best stuff. So there was a time I went off skincare because I just felt really priced out of the market. I've seen videos by certain YouTubers who flatout say  "only the expensive products work". And if you watch/read as many of these videos as I did, you can end up thinking you need to break the bank to have good skin. Legit, a few months ago there was this £100 eyelash gel thing circulating YouTube that people were swearing makes your eyebrows grow but you have to keep using it, if you stop they start falling off?! Well for a hot split second I was like, do I ... need to get me some off this overpriced eyelash gel? Anyway I got into a cycle of thinking, what's the point in trying my skin will never be amazing because I can't afford it. But because I'm in a bout of some great skin, here's what's been working for me:

1. Genes. I don't know if this proven anywhere but my parents have good skin and haven't had any major issues and I think that's been passed down? I don't know but if that's the case I guess I can't help you there. Soz.

2.  Moisturising. This is not something I just picked up recently; I was raised to moisturise and it's not a step I can ever afford to skip because things get real ashy real quick. But I started getting a moisturiser specifically for my face by Olay a few years ago and I lav it. I only need a tiny bit and my face feels so plump and awake and not too oily - every time I use it.

2. Sleep. Your skin really does look better when you regularly sleep well.

3. Eating well, drinking water. This is self explanatory right? And I'm sure exercise should be added on, I couldn't tell you from experience because I .. do not move my body as much as I should. But I guess when you're looking after your body and treating it right, it reflects in your skin. And no amount of Sunday Riley's Good Genes treatment can conceal that.

4. Consistency. So I've found products that work for me and I think the key is being consistent. I'm using the Garnier Skin Active range which uses 96% natural ingredients. Finding what your skin type is and being consistent with it, I'd say works in the long run. And I will add that if you're not toning, start! I really believe it's changed my skin game. Plus, these products are super cheap.

My absolute favourite beauty blog which I go back to time and time again: Jasmine Talks Beauty  has great, well tested recommendations and, she always has a range of products at different price points so I never feel excluded ! Have a browse, it's a fab blog.

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