Friday, 11 August 2017

Comic Con 'Thor Ragnorak' Trailer Thoughts

Oooh this world looks gooooood?!


Is Thor in Hel (afterlife for the Asgardian dishonourable dead)? Why he here? What'd he do? So many questions.

Okay I see you Marvel, utilising Chris' comic timing


Oh my word the Goddess of Death YES THEN?!

Nahh Cate is doing the most I am so here for this. Is there anything that woman cannot play?!

Um no Thor and Loki are better AGAINST each other 


Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie yaaaas girl 

Ensemble casts standing in a super dramatic line is a definitely a 2017 superhero movie trend I am not here for 

What is going on? What is this sommotion? Why all the CGI? I LIKEE it though?! So conflicted.

Really impressed with the direction director, Taika Waititi seems to be taking with the Thor franchise! It seems more lighthearted, fun, OTT, touches of fantasy everyone loved in Guardians of the Galaxy and also; looks like it's going to be very mythology heavy which I'm so excited to see. I'm left with about 1000 questions though.

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