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What's On Your Bookshelf? with Laura from Two Paper Girls. We chat Booktube, Fantasy + Graphic Novels !

Halo all. I'm back doing another one of these chats, this time with Laura. Laura is one half on Two Paper Girls, a Booktube channel set up by herself and best friend Amy. I first heard about their channel through the grapevine at university two years ago and I've been watching ever since!

It's a channel I go to for recommendations because unlike quite a few Booktube channels, this one doesn't really have a niche. Laura and Amy read pretty widely which is quite nice because what I read next, depends on how I'm feeling and there's something for everyone on the channel. So before we talked about books, I was pretty excited Laura even agreed to do this chat so ya know, I had to get all my low-key fan girl questions about her channel out of the way first! 

What made you decide to start Two Paper Girls?
“Amy and I have been best friends since primary school and we’ve always liked reading so we sort of inspired each other to start. I'd started watching a lot of YouTube and discovered Booktube. We both thought it looked fun and thought, why not make our own?. And because my dad and brother had the equipment, we just thought we’d try it one day. We both really liked it and it sort of stuck!"

And what type of videos do you like to film?
"Challenge videos are so much fun to film! Like, we did this blindfold challenge and it was such a laugh. They don't seem to get as many hits but we always have a laugh filming them."

You're both at uni and running a YouTube channel, do you find it hard to balance the two?
“We've sort of got into a rhythm with it so it's not too bad no. We film once every two weeks and plan which four videos to film. It can take a while but it’s not so bad. It helps that there are two of us because we take turn with editing which actually, is what takes a while. Uploading can take hours." 

Now I don't have a YouTube channel but I remember Zoe Sugg or Alfie saying once it can take 2-3 to edit a video so, much respect.

Would you say you read a lot?
"I think it depends on "a lot". There are booktubers that read way more than I do and some people read a lot less. I read maybe 4 books a month but it depends with uni work and all the reading I have to do for my course." FYI Laura studies under grad English (a course I nearly chose :') ).

What are you reading at the moment?
Lady Chatterley's Lover by DH Lawrence "I'm doing a DH Lawrence module for my course and it's [Lady Chatterley's Lover] nowhere near as scandalous as its reputation! I guess it was at the time but it's basically just about an affair."

We did get chatting about DH Lawrence whose books, if you didn't know, had a reputation I believe for writing what was considered to be 'unconventional' at the time given that he explored themes such as female sexuality. "He used the ‘c’ word and wrote about sex and violence a lot! But he’s definitely not an author of erotica, but his characters are in touch with their sexuality." I'm actually not the biggest fan of classics bar Shakespeare (I know, gross overgeneralising) but I can never really connect with the characters or settle into the style. But after Laura talked about Sons and Lovers, I was intrigued and slipped it onto my TBR. 

"It's about a family in a mining town in Nottingham. We first follow the character of Gertrude Morel when she marries below her social class for passion but her husband is actually quite violent and temperamental. She has 4 children and becomes very attached to the two eldest sons. The perspective then shifts to her second son, Paul Morel, as he tries to find love despite his overprotective mother and difficult upbringing. It’s a great classic because the characters feel very human and real. Even though they’re not all likeable, and do some terrible things, you understand their motivation and it’s a really engaging read!"

Was there a time in your life you'd say you started reading?
“Probably when I was about 9 and I started reading all the Animal Ark series. And then I found the Harry Potter series which also means a lot to me.  I probably started reading them when the 6th book came out, and it was the first time I was fully part of a fandom.”

Guys, wasn’t the animal section at your primary school library ๐Ÿ”ฅ ? It can't just be me?! Also! I too remember the first time being fully fledged into a fandom :') It was Twilight and I feel like now, we’re all just embarrassed by our collective overreaction to the books and the film and Taylor Lautner , but the series itself was good, come on. And while I too, loved loved loved Harry Potter, I haven’t liked any fantasy since and I’ve tried.

So what would you say someone should read to ease themselves into the fantasy genre?

"Well The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss has magic school elements so if you liked Harry Potter, it’s a bit like that in that sense. But it's quite high-epic fantasy though and that can be quite hard, maybe a better recommendation for those interested in the genre is the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas! I also really liked Peter Pan by J.M Barrie– the story itself of course has is fantasy by it’s actually quite dark and I really enjoyed it.

Then there’s The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare – don’t watch the film, the film was awful and they changed so much! But the books are really good. I love The Lord of the Rings and the films too but again,  that’s more epic fantasy.”

I also want to talk about a genre that not enough people talk about on Book tube but, I’d seen pop up on this channel in hauls … comic books! I don’t talk about them enough but I’m a comic book fan. The art is often beautiful but so different for each comic, the plot lines an be sharp and witty in a way that just can’t be found in novels. They also don’t take that long to read ! “And the weirdest things can happen in comic books that can’t really happen in books. You can just do the wackiest things and have really over the top humour - like in Rat Queens or Giant Days. And this kind of thing works so well in comics but not necessarily in anything else.” Yes๐Ÿ’—

We got into talking about how comic books really push the boundaries, and portray genres in a way that is so different to other mediums of literature. I read mainly Marvel and DC but even within those, are so many genres and it’s a different type of creativity all together. And even if you don’t like superheros, know that there are now comics about crime, horror, biographical, historical, mental health – it’s not all Spiderman.

Current Comic Books on Laura's Shelf:   
Spider Gwen Volume 1, Watchmen - "both on the TBR!"

Volume 2 of Giant Days “It’s about a university set in England and it’s just nice to read about university students, you don’t see that very often. It’s also quite funny.”

Rat Queens –“It’s so much fun! It’s diverse, feisty and has a really strong portrayal of female friendships.”

Rapid [ish] Fire Round

Who are your Instaread author/s?
“Anything by John Green for sure. … Ian McKewan though he’s more more of an Instabuy writer for me. I think I read Atonment back in sixth form and loved it, so now I  just buy everything he brings out, but haven’t read them yet. His latest one is a modern Shakespeare retelling and it looks really good so I think I’ll read that soon. J.K Rowling maybe, though The Casual Vacancy wasn’t that great ... And VE Schawb – again it’s more Instabuy with her. I keep hearing people talk about her books on YouTube and keep buying them!

What do you plan on reading next?
"The Penguin by Tom Michellanother animal book! I’ll start it after all my coursework’s out of the way. It should be fun and light reading."

Best book of the year so far?
I have LOVED A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas – it’s a beauty and the beast retelling with sexy faeries! It’s got a really interesting plot and I’ve heard great things about the rest of the series! Also I finished This Savage Song by V.E. Schwab which was awesome! A really dark book full of monsters that are created through violent human acts and an unlikely friendship which, refreshingly, doesn’t turn into a romance! And I'll add On the Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher – It’s whimsical, magical and I did cry at the end."

Thank youuu Laura for this chat, was the dream :')  Make sure to check out Two Paper Girls and subscribe! 


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