Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Missing University

I haven't been at uni this year because of the year abroad and while this has been an incredible opportunity and if you get the chance you should totes do it ... I've struggled. I've just noticed my mental health has properly plummeted over the last year, which got me thinking about firstly how important community is (cringe but ya know, true). There's something about being plugged into uni life, even when it felt like it was sweeping me away, it was still a healthy distraction. It also got me thinking about  all the things I bitterly miss about uni life and everything I took for granted ! The novelty I imagine will wear off after week 3 but anywho:

1. the campus - it's so beaut and was a big factor in me choosing my university. I don't have photos but take my word for it. We have swans and lakes and benches and lots of trees - it is very nice.

2. learning - only now realising how bloody fantastic my course is! So many cool modules, great lectures (I actually enjoyed most of my lectures and sometimes, even, left feel inspired ?! and grateful I even got in to such a great uni. okay this bracket is very long) and all those course friends you don't talk to outside of the lecture hall - i miss them too :') And not to sound like an eager beaver but I love learning, having work to do all the time and concrete goals to reach. This year, I've sort of felt like an aimless wanderer with not a lot of purpose ... I don't feel like I'm doing anything. You don't realise how great that lack of sleep mixed with caffeine and course anxiety is, until it's gone :') (Jokes)

3. societies. I take for granted how many societies we have. I've been wanting to go to Lego Soc since Freshers but keep putting it off because I can't find a friend to go with - I know, lame. ... Maybe Lego Soc is lame. But it dawned on me that I could leave university and never meet another grown ass person who likes Lego when meanwhile, there is a room filled with Lego lovers somewhere on campus.

4. having people around you all the time. being so geographically close to your friends. 💗And all the chats I had with my 2 flatmates till 2am. And also after university, when else in life are you ever going to have such a large network of people around you? Even if you're not making life long pals, when else in your life are you going to have access to that many people around you?! I'd say my uni is a really friendly one too - maybe i'm just thinking that because I've been gone a year and can't remember. But in general if you want to talk to someone, you don't have to look so far.


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