Sunday, 30 April 2017

The Weekend Edit

Haaalo once again.  This weekend has been a fun one because, I've had stuff to do! I went on a walk, it was my friend's 25th partay and, I'm heading out to a shoe museum in a couple of hours. I'm also thinking I'm going to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 tomorrow. If you didn't know, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 is my all time fave MCU film so I have been WAITING for this one. I also have recommendations for you that I've been proper loving. Like, I've been so excited to write this post because I've accumulated some goood stuff.


Mostly Lit Podcast
Like, every episode ever. Before the only time I listened to Mostly Lit was when I was going to bed. In fact I did that with every podcast except Back Row Films and Kermode and Mayo .. until now?! I've stopped watching TV/films while I eat, instead choosing to catch up on podcasts and not be infront of a screen all day. And that's when I listened to Mostly Lit properly for the first time and oh my goodness. Mostly Lit is a podcast with three black 20 somethings from London. They discuss the intersection of literature and politics and popular culture and I love listening to them! The level of conversation is . I'm not the most articulate person and I normally need a lot of words to get my point across (hence why I like blogging because I can take time to edit stuff I say).These three are incredibly articulate and intelligent and reflective and all round woke group of young people. The episodes I re-listened to were Black Boys Don't Read and The God's Must Be Crazy - so start here.

Melanin Millenials - 
The hosts, Imrie and Satia are two black women from London who dissect popular culture, history , race, politics and, also talk about what it means to be a millenial in the UK today. Again, the podcast gives you thought provoking conversation while being so funny at the same time. I hate writing down that something is "funny", it's such a lazy, watered down adjective but I legit  choked on my dinner about 3 nights ago listening to an episode, because I was laughing so much. Their banter, all the shade the throw around at everyone, I think you just feel part of the convo too, ya know? Well if you don't go and listen. There are so many I hadn't listened to, so I've been catching up and I keep getting excited about competitions and events I can sign up to, only to find that they've already happened lol.

Anna Faris is Unqualified. ep 68 Sharon Stone
FYI. Anna Faris is an actress, she starred in The House Bunny, she's done alot of voicework, she's in one of my favourite rom-coms , she's in a show called Mom. She's like the most earnest, unintentionally funny person and, a great podcast host.

On this podcast she has a celebrity and they chit chat a bit, they play these scenario games and then she has a few callers, who ask her and the celebrity for advice to their real life problems. They genuinely try to give good advice but oh my word, this episode with Sharon Stone is one of the most memorable. Sharon Stone gave the most incredible advice. There were two callers and she was like analysing them and asking them questions and pulling out these possibly deep rooted issues that noone had even considered. She is a fountain of wisdom and I'm not exaggerating Sharon Stone talks like a therapist and it took everyone on the panel and I'm sure many listeners like myself by surprise.   Wowzers.

Crash On My Couch 
Now that I'm listening to podcasts in the day, I needed a podcast I could fall asleep to. And Crash On My Couch is that podcast - in the best way possible. It's Arden Rose and Will Darbyshire from YouTube and authoring and all the other cool stuff they do. And its meant to be a podcast about navigating your 20's? I think it's more just random conversations with a some caller quetsions at the end, if I'm being honest, but that makes for good listening. So far they've talked about nude perfomance art, bad dates, Pixar conspiracy theories ... you get the gist. They're such a sweet duo and they both have really theraputic voices. It's like listening in on a quirky couple's convo on the bus. That's actually exactly what it is.

I've ofcourse been reading blog posts but nothing that's really caught my attention. I have however been really enjoying Nettle & Blackberry as a blog in it's entirety. It's a lifestyle blog and I like that she gives little snippets into her life and what's going on - they're my favourite types of blogs to read. I've mentioned both of these before and won't stop !, Sarah's blog Sciwitch is good for those sorts of posts as is Becloumar.


Whether it be her blog posts or YouTube videos, I think I've mentioned Cruelty Free Becky in every one of these Weekend Edits and this post is no exception. Her most recent video is on 'Spring Trends done Sustainably' and I recommend you watch it. This channel has taught me that there are many ways of being cruelty free and being environment conscious. And that it's not that hard to make small changes.

Gabes and Anna
What a couple. They're doing this 3 part series about their decision to abstain from sex before getting married. So far they have a video on the why and how behind this decision. For people who maybe don't understand really why some Christians choose to abstain. It's really a faith filled decision and never because we think sex is "bad" and "virginity" whatever that is, is "good". In the same way that society judges especially women who choose to have sex, people can also be a bit judgy when you choose not to, because many think your decision not to, is in itself, a judgement on someone else. Anyway this is a good series because I think they lay out they "why" very clearly and non judgmentally - because it isn't :) . I've made my point I think.

Chelsea Handler Season 2
I think I said this last time, I can't remember but I love the political turn that this show has taken. She has politicians on every week and she now has celebrities who are actively engaged in politics and they discuss and dissect anything that's happened that week. She had Tracee Ellis Ross, Rosario Dawson and Aisha Tyler this Friday.

I've also really been enjoying Neighbours (Australian soap opera in case you didn't know) and I'm giving them a shout out because, it's been consistently solid for about 2 months. Leo and Amy finally get together after about a year, only to find out they're related?! Are Piper and Tyler growing further apart?! And Paige is having a baby with a priest! But she's also moved back in with Mark so I'm think something is going to happen there?! I'm also thinking you don't watch Neighbours and have no idea what I'm talking about. That's okay.

Enjoy your weekend,  it's another long one wohooo! xo


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