Friday, 14 April 2017

The Weekend Edit: Spring, Cellulite + Riverdale

Humble by Kendrick Lamar, can we talk. I know this is old news but aside from this being a banging tune; isn't it great that we have artists like Kendrick talking about how as a society, we're shifting away from authenticity and instead of just stopping at the commentary, countering it by showing authenticity?! I for one have worked really really hard to accept and go so far as love my cellulite - it's a daily choice and struggle ngl but meant I appreciated it more when I saw in this case, the oh so radical image of a woman with no make-up and stretch marks. Sadly, it's still so rare but that's why we thank God everyday for Kendrick amma right?

Speaking of summer, the album of the summer - I'm convinced - is Zara Larsson's So Good which really is so good. Current favourite is Sundown feat Wizkid.

I found new beauty blogs from a post with recommendations on Jasmine's blog: Sophie's Makeup + Barely There Beauty - go peruse!

Another blog I've been reading thoroughly is Sciwitch. The header says, Sciwitch - the honest blog and, it is the epitome of the type of blogs i love reading - as in every single word and not I'm not just there for the aesthetics. I don't know how else to say it other than, her voice is just so honest and gives snapshots into her life and her thoughts. It's like she writes with no inhibitions and her writing is bold and strong and vulnerable and, it's just how I dream of writing.

I do still like my fair share of blogs of aesthetically pleasing posts. LOOK at this dress! So beautiful. So spring. Sigh.

I also discovered Career Contessa last month! It's a blog for the working woman and I believe has contributors from all over the world. It's better I've found to have different contributors because you get different voices and legit advice and not just dreamy unhelpful advice which is so rampant on blogs. I read this post on 4 ways productive people make the most of their day off, more than once.

Again I just discovered this and I am obsessed. It strikes a really good balance between the teen drama genre and crime/thriller one.

Lucy Moon is also making videos every day this month and its glorious. At the moment I'm really appreciating creators who keep it stripped back and there isn't a whole load of production. It's really about the content and being that there's a new video every day, I love being able to see and follow the creative journey of this channel.

Happy Easter Weekend !

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