Friday, 24 March 2017

Winter Rewind: films + TV I watched this season


-  Really moving story telling  thanks to chilling performances from Denzel Washington and Viola Davis . The film is really Troy's (Washington) story and I felt we weren't given the space to mourn Rose's (Davis) losses, which I suppose was deliberate. I really enjoyed it but I couldn't get over the fact that it wasn't cinematic - at all. You could tell this was a play as in, the entire film is pretty much set in a backyard, there are so many monologues and the camera actually moves in the same way we see the camera sort of circulating the cameras in one of the National Theatre Live screenings.

Sleeping with Other People
- An underrated rom-com and Alison Brie at her best.

Collateral Beauty

The Danish Girl 

Demain Tout Commence

- Logan is a sort of sci-fi/western hybrid and executes both sides of the genre so well ugh. I also loved that it used the comic books to move the plot along - nice touch. I can't even say i;s the best superhero film I've seen because it just didn't feel like that, at all. It was in it's own lane. Also, watching it made me realise how immune I've become to violent scenes in film I bloody love it - when it's done well. Overall a must see I reckon.


Sleepless in Seattle
First time watching it and I have to say, a bit overrated. I just don't feel that connection when the love interests meet, at the end of the film.

La La Land
- I loved the film's ending actually and thought it was the most appropriate. If Mia and Sebastian had fallen in love, Sebastian wouldn't have  opened his jazz bar. Not that I think you necessarily have to make sacrifices like this but it's a an interesting spin on the typical romance narrative we see in films and musicals. It was by no means perfect and I did roll my eyes a bit at the whole white man trying to save jazz storyline. But I like that Damien Chazelle explores the sacrifice and passion one can have to make your dreams a reality. I 'm excited to see more from him.


A Series of Unfortunate Events
- Did not finish. This was so disappointingly underwhelming. Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf was not convincing, or scary, at all. All the word definitions work well in text, but break up the pace of the show on screen and, the tone was all off. I didn't really understand what the show was trying to be or who it was aimed at.

Chasing Cameron
- I started watching this when I had nothing to watch on Netflix and I was hooked. I was really surprised at how honest of a documentary this was. It's produced by the Cameron Dallas and the guys from MadCon I'm sue had input in how it all came together, and yet noone came out looking good in this. There are moments, some people have them more than others, where they come across as entitled, spoilt brats.  Fascinating. Go watch.


The Fosters

The Mindy Project 


Iron Fist 
I have too many feelings about this so I'll do a whole post for next week.

My immediate to watch list this Spring is; Beauty and the Beast, Elle, Doctor Strange and GRACE AND FRANKIE which is on out on Netflix this TODAY!

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