Friday, 17 March 2017

The Weekend Edit: a roundup of my favourites

Saturday mornings are my new favourite thing about my life. For the first time in a long time (and probably never again so making the most of it), I sleep in and wake up with nothing to do - glorious. Once in a while, I'm going to share everything I like reading, watching and listening to on my duvet Saturdays, while eating and semi-sleeping in ma bed. A bit of inspo for you, when catch a break too 

When I wake up, but I'm not fully awake, I love catching up on my podcasts.

Anna Farris is Unqualified: ep86 with Lauren Graham
I've rediscovered this podcast and the roleplay they did on this ep with Lauren Graham and Anna Farris being the needy obsessed fan was comedy gold.

Ctrl Alt Delete: ep66 with Imriel Morgan
Every chat on this podcast leaves me feeling more inspired.  This interview with Imriel really gives you a sense of the inspiration, passion and groundbreaking work behind The Shout Network. Mostly Lit is my go-to book podcast + I recently discovered Melanin Millennials and i just makes me so proud that we live in a world where this network exists! To give a platform for voices that haven't previously had a place in our mainstream media. 

The first posts I read are often beaut outfit style posts. The posts on Sea of Shoes, are always beautifully curated and always with a good story behind the outfit. 

As someone who would like to travel a bit more but doesn't really lust after it in the same way it seems many millennials do, Harriet's post is refreshing and honest, in the sea 

C'est la vie Mon Cherie 
Spring is here! Well, spring sales are here and Liv's style is pretty close to mine. I feel like I'd wear anything she puts together. I love this outfit and in generally love perusing her site for outfit inspiration.

Top Ten Books on My Spring 2017 
Every month I buy 4 books. Rather than reading individual reviews, it's nicer to have a comprehensive list.

The Big Generational Divide? 
You all know I love a long juicy post mentally stimulating post. This one about the generational divide I think is an extension of a podcast episode Emma had a few weeks ago. This time round, Emma gives more insight into the relationship millennials have with the digital world and how, its becoming quite an empowering thing for a lot of young people. Good one to check out.

The True Cost
Where our clothes come from has been weighing heavily on me over the last few months. When you start to realise your shopping habits are feeding into an industry that exploits mainly women and children? Ew. I say read this, if you're not convinced.

What's on your bookshelf? with Nicola
Shameless plug. But I'm so proud of this post! It was such a good chat and there are more to come so read this in the meantime.

By the time I've finished going though my blog posts, I make myself some breakfst and retreat to my bed where I catch up on YouTube, check out stuff on Netflix ... Yes these mornings are like a 4 hour affair. 

A group of friends that just talk through what they'd do in different situations. This is the most recent video and as always, this friendship group come out with the funniest one liners. It's just makes for chilled, fun watching.

This is the first YouTube channel I ever watched and subscribed too so it's so great to see how far the channel and Patricia has come :')

And of course, IRON FIST IS OUT ON NETFLIX TODAY. I'm going to try and pace myself this time round. I'll try.

Happy Weekend! xo


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