Monday, 20 March 2017

films I watched to pick me up this week

I've been feeling so unsure of myself recently, particularly this week. What am I doing after uni, why don't I have a life plan, am I eating okay, my French isn't as good as it should be, feeling insecure in my body, feeling insecure about this blog and blah blah blah. It's been not fun and emotionally uncomfortable. But, I think I'm coming out of it.  I've been recently reminded of God's complete love for me that is unconditional and secure! So I've been basking in it. Baskinggg. I also watched these carefully picked films, back to back - which really helped. All the characters have issues with insecurity which they thankfully overcome.

The Devil Wears Prada
This film is so good and I feel like not many people really caught that on until later? I mean Emily (Emily Blunt) is one of my favourite on-screen characters - ever. Anyway the film is of course about Andrea (Anne Hathaway)  who, basically feels very unsure of herself in this world of fashion. But she blossoms (having a psycho boss was arguably a catalyst) into this complete Girlboss with her life together and without even realising. Which, is like real life, right?! I mean we don't see when we're making progress, but we are!

The Princess Diaries
We've got a bit of an Anne Hathaway trend going on here. Princess Mia again doubts she'll be a great princess and to be honest, she should. The only reason she ends up being great is because it's a film and someone could write it that way. But the point is, being different is what makes her amazing.
On another note, isn't the plot of The Intern, again with Anne Hathaway? Is she okay?

Legally Blonde
You know what, this is wrong because Elle is already confident and sure of herself, from the beginning. But then other people's insecurity makes her doubt herself. Ugh. Anyway, she proves them wrong and stays true to herself in the end. All is well.

The Duff
In Bianca's case, there are just a tonne of bullies basically. The situation isn't right but it forces her to be more confident and by the end, she's a much more confident version of herself.
Side note - both the book and the film are great and on-par, but they're two completely different creatures. I'd recommend both.

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