Friday, 3 March 2017

Currently Reading: Blog Edition

Since late last year, I really got back into reading and following blogs! I think discovering the Blogosphere magazine has been a big reason behind this too. It's just so nice to find out about new blogs, and read posts without staring at a screen. That said, my favourite thing to do on a Saturday morning is still, clicking on that Bloglovin' plugin and scrolling through my news feed to catch up on my subscriptions. Here are the one I currently find myself going back to: 

Nomadic Matt 
This travel blog is the thing of dreams. Matt, it seems, has been everywhere and if like me, you don't travel a lot but would like to, there are so many helpful bite size tips and guides.  It's all very practical, easy to navigate, and his goal is to show people how they can travel, when they don't have much money.  

Be Cloumar
This might possibly be in my top three blogs of life. Ever. Her voice is so raw and honest and genuine and funny. I live for the rants on this blog. And the posts on self-care and mental health. And the rants.

Emma Gannon
Sometimes, you just want a juicy long blog post. You want it to challenge you, but also be helpful and insightful. And you want these posts to be a regular thing. This is where you find such posts.

Reality Steve
I come here just to stock up on The Bachelor spoilers. I like knowing who's won - 3 months before it airs. I like knowing all the tea that The Bachelor producers decide to cut out *cough Vanessa and Rachel had a huge fight in Bimini and for some reason, no-one saw it cough*.

The Graphic Foodie
I live in Brighton (#bestcityintheworld) and this food blog is the quintessential guide to eating in this city. She checks out every new little spot here; from the well-known to the hidden.

Style Memos
Everything from the photography, to the stripped back vibe of the blog, to the classiness is just lush. And though I can't afford a lot of the clothes here, it's inspired me to have a few more investment pieces. Every outfit is so well thought through and put together and stylish - but not in a generic fashion blogger way? I'm not describing this very well. Just go and have a look.

Jasmine Talks Beauty 
This is probably, the only beauty blog I actually read consistently. It is so aesthetically pleasing and yet a very practical and easy to navigate site. I trust her reviews because she really knows what she's talking about. Her posts are regular which again, I appreciate seeing as regularly check my Bloglovin' newsfeed and really creative. It's also nice to read a beauty blog with a good balance of low, mid and high range beauty and makeup.

So there you have it, a bit of weekend reading-inspo for you. Oh and don't forget to give this blog a follow on Bloglovin.

Happy Weekend!

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