Sunday, 15 January 2017

being selfish with my time

Not as in,  grabbing all opportunities you find, or going out and doing a bunch of adventurous things that make you uncomfortable but you know #YOLO because #lifeisshort - though all these are great and valid and you do you. No I mean seizing the day as like, taking a day out of the week where you only do things for yourself.

Throughout the week, I feel like all I'm really doing is completing tasks for other people. Even at university, yes I brought myself here and what I'm doing will have a purpose later on blah blah blah. But when you're in that seminar at 9 am with that overpriced coffee of yours, it doesn't exactly feel like Me Time does it. In that moment you're not exactly living your best life.

I've decided to seize my Saturdays, as in - they are sacred. I don't do any work and  only do things that make me disconnect.  Literally doing only things that are good for my soul. So starting the day with a walk, cooking nice meals for myself, reading blogs (hey), skyping a friend to say hello (how rarely we do that?!) watching a really good film (I take this v. seriously - can't be watching mediocre films or TV on my sacred Saturday) reading, cleaning and napping (a lot).

Putting my work aside, and actually anything that reminds me of the week ahead, is pretty much self care in itself too. Out of sight, out of mind.  It's the only way to switch off completely.



  1. Lovely pictures! In about the past year, if I know I'm going to be at home by myself all day I try to clear some space to go on a little walk, even if it's a little chilly I never regret it and always end up feeling better for it! I'm a strong believer in needing to take some time out for yourself every now and again, whatever that may be! My day is Sunday's, where I literally do nothing but have a bubble bath and binge watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix all day long! Here's to winding down :-)

    X Gemma

  2. I cannot agree more with how important this is and you've said it perfectly. I've got a long weekend this weekend, and today I decided to take the entire day just to relax and do things I enjoy - instead of forcing myself to do any work (hello watching films and reading awesome blogs like yours!). It's been weird ignoring the feeling that I should be doing something, but I definitely think I'm going to be dedicating a morning, afternoon or whole day every week to relaxing from now on!

    1. It's also deeply refreshing and I always feel re-booted, simply from doing things for myself that I enjoy!


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