Saturday, 17 December 2016

12 Days of Christmas Films #9

Yep, these posts are going to be short and sweet. Number 9 is a Christmas classic ...

Home Alone

I think what made Home Alone such a hit is that if you think about it, it's quite dark for a Christmas film. These parents go on holiday, accidentally leave their child, don't come back to get him and whilst he's home all alone at Christmas , these two really menacing looking guys are trying to break into his house and he's left with the task of fending them off! I mean this really sweet kid is called "a disease" by his older siblings and a "little jerk" by his Uncle. So unlike most Christmas favourites, noone is falling in love here with cute Christmas music, there's no hygge, there's no copious amounts of family time. Instead, there's a really smart kid who isn't even slightly frightened, at the prospect of spending Christmas alone, a lot of slapstick violence and I guess bad language - for a 90's family film anyway.

And yet despite all this, it still manages to have an underlying message about community spirit and the importance of family. 

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