Monday, 19 December 2016

12 Days of Christmas Films #8

Oops! It appears we're a day behind on the countdown soo I'l have two posts tomorrrow! Lucky youu! Okay enough faffing about. At number 8 ...

The Santa Clause 2

In this sequel, Scott aka Santa Claus (Tim Allen), is now settled in his role as Santa only to find out that his final obligation for the job role is to get married before Christmas (a month away) else he can no longer be Santa Clause. And then you know, whose going to give us presents? The stakes are high. So, he decides to return home to find a Mrs Claus and upon his return, finds out his son has been acting up - finding himself on the naughty list.  I mean , the stress. He's got to fulfil the final clause so that Christmas as we know it isn't dead, and also deal with his own family drama. There's not much more to say without spoiling anything but know that these two plot lines very satisfyingly overlap. 

The Santa Clause 2 finds itself on this list because, find me another film that directly addresses the intricacies and technicalities of Santa's role. Exactly. 

The mechanics of this are well executed in this film with such great attention to detail. Santa's grotto, is where dreams are made off. And in this film, we get to see Tim Allen as a fully fleshed Santa with the beard and the belly and oh it's so great. There's even a lovely little pointless sub plot going on back at the North Pole whereby Santa's substitute has let's say ... dictatorial tendencies.

If you think about it, the film actually makes Santa more relatable because, he has a life too ya know? It must get pretty lonely all year alone up in the North Pole so, I could get on board with the romantic story line. And like all of us, Santa also has his fair share of familial drama. Only of course because it's Father Christmas himself, the film is littered with Christmassy shenanigans. 

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