Thursday, 22 December 2016

12 Days of Christmas Films #6

I've now got big respect for people who do Blogmas/Vlogmas consistently. I've now got a big ol' back log of posts so stay tuned over the next few hours!
Number 6 ...

The Family Stone

Christmas is often spent with family, nuclear and extended. Of course when so many personalities and values are coming together, a lot can go wrong. And that's what happens during the Stone family's holidays. Everett (Dermot Mulnorey) the oldest son and a business executive; brings his tightly wound, traditional girlfriend Meredith (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) home for the holidays to meet his bohemian family, lead by family matriarch Sybil (Diane Keaton).

The film explores three unconventional romance arcs that capture the complexities and nuances in relationships that I think for the most part, deviate from the conventional rom-com formula. In exploring themes such as familial tensions, illness, racism and personal identity; the central cast deliver some surprisingly poignant performances for a film of this nature.

Things sort of fall apart a bit in the final act, as if the film suddenly becomes aware that most Christmas films are cheesy and predictable and so it must follow suit. Once Meredith's more likeable sister Julie (played by Claire Danes) arrives, it rushes to give us the happy endings that wouldn't naturally happen for these particular set of characters and so the film loses a touch of its realism. That said, its a solidly fun and uplifiting Christmas film, with a stellar cast.

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