Thursday, 22 December 2016

12 Days of Christmas Films #5


In Nativity! Martin Freeman plays Paul, a man who dreamed of being an actor/director but finds himself as a primary school teacher. Every year, the public school he teaches at, St Bernadette Catholic School in Coventry competes with the local private school, to see who can produce the best nativity play. Paul himself has been a bit of a Scrooge in recent years, after his girlfriend dumped him on Christmas day. So when Paul spreads that said ex-girlfriend, a Hollywood producer, is coming to see the show to turn it into a film ... the stakes are pretty high.

The film is clearly trying to be a British School of Rock set in Coventry. And in the beginning, it's as, contrived and forced and frankly dire as it sounds. But then we meet all the kids and the film just allows them to be kids meaning the humour doesn't feel forced. The final show itself is so endearing and genuine and very British!
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