Friday, 23 December 2016

12 Days of Christmas Films #4

Now that Christmas is TWO DAYS AWAY, I promise these last four films do more than deliver on the scale of festive spirit. So without further ado ...

The Santa Clause 

The Santa Clause is a. the best of the three films and b. THE story of Father Christmas, making it required holiday viewing.

It's Christmas Eve and Scott picks up his son from his ex-wife. Unfortunately as Scott is shouting, Santa Claus is on his roof and the shock of his shout (it's better than it sounds I promise) causes him to slip, fall and ...die. Bit morbid but the film gets over it pretty quickly. You see, Santa's body disappears (don't ask) and Scott is left with the red suit. So he puts it on and tarts doing Santa's rounds (because logic) with Charlie in toe. The North Pole elves inform Scott that according to the "Santa Clause", he must now become Santa. Of course when Charlie relays this back to his mum, she's convinced he's got issues - because of his cray Dad. So now not only is Scott adjusting to the hefty task of being Santa Clause, he's now got to deal family drama in the form of court hearings. As Christmas approaches, Scott has to ya know, be Santa and convince his family, friends and the justice system he isn't crazy.

There's really no way of explaining the plot without it sounding really lame, right? Such a cliche but trust me when I say, it's one of the most touching Christmas films out there.  Scott is thrust into our world as Santa, in a world where no one above the age of 6 believes in Santa but his son. This story arc is then layered with the fact that he's just come out of an ugly divorce and is struggling with his own identity and worth. His son is struggling too but also suddenly has faith in him when he sees him become Santa ... but then no one else believes him .. THE FEELS IT'S JUST SO SAD. But the film also lightens the mood with fun and comedic elements, notably the attention taken to create the North Pole and also the way it handles Scott's transition into Santa Claus! A perfectly struck balance between emotional heartstrings and festive cheer.

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