Friday, 23 December 2016

12 Days of Christmas Films #3

I've already watched this film at least 8 times this year and reckon that after talking about it now, I'll be watching it before bed. It just .. brings out all the feels.

The Holiday 
*Mild Spoilers*

The Holiday is one of those films that you might love, but when you strip it back, you can't deny how flawed it is. Are Kate Winslet's Iris and Cameron Diaz' Amanda really in a state of crisis? Or are they overreacting? Why has no-one told Iris this whole obsession with Jasper is properly pathetic? And like her character, Kate doesn't seem to know her own worth because why did she take this role? Also, now that they've both found the love of their lives in different countries, what are they going to do about their living arrangements? But we don't care because as Mindy Kaling once said, a good rom-com is basically sci-fi - a universe with rules completely different to the ones in the world we live in. And in this movie, everyone who lives in England lives in the cosiest, cutest, most picturesque, hobbit looking cottages you've ever seen; making movie trailers for a living actually makes you a millionaire and; sleeping with Jude Law is a problem and subsequent plot twist.

It tells the story of Iris, a English journalist who agrees to swap her cottage in Surrey for Amanda's lush mansion in Beverly Hills, after the two women find themselves - apparently - at a crossroads in life which has been triggered by chasing after losers. After their respective "heartbreak", they both meet the men their meant to be with. For Amanda, it's Iris brother Graham, played by Jude Law, a book editor and single father *swoon*. And for Winslet, it's Jack Black's Miles, a film score composer who is superduperuber charming. So not only does everyone have the coolest jobs, they live in the most beautiful locations, fall in love with the most intelligent and romantic and thoughtful people (bar Cameron Diaz, who is as ditzy as ever) AND, it's all set around Christmas! In the winter! In the snow!

Directed by the Queen of rom-coms herself Nancy Meyers, the film understands that at this time of year, all we want in a rom com is mind numbing rosiness and bliss.

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