Thursday, 15 December 2016

12 Days of Christmas Films #11

How do people do Blogmas seriously, it's Day 2 of my countdown and I nearly forgot I had a post going up today. Well better late than never! At Number 11 ...

Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh

Bet you weren't expecting to find this gem in a top 12 Christmas movies of all time list, did you? Well if you must know, it's up there. That's right, I chose Merry Christmas Drake and Josh over Love Actually (if you missed my disclaimer yesterday, I hate Love Actually so it won't be here).

The storyline is pretty straightforward. Drake accidentally (he was momentarily distracted) promises to give a little girl and her foster family, the best Christmas ever.  He later throws a party which gets a little out of control, to the point where Josh calls the police on them. In true Drake and Josh form, Josh is the one who ends up getting arrested because the police thought he was the one causing trouble. Drake then tries to get him out with Helen's help. Of course that doesn't work and the judge rules that unless they give this girl the best Christmas ever, their both going to prison. When of course ensues is a serious of classic Drake and Josh slapstick sequences as they try to make this "best Christmas" happen.

Perhaps the best thing about this film is that every Drake and Josh fan wanted it. At the time, it'd been ages since we'd seen them on the screen and it's so nice to see their chemistry hadn't changed. Throw in the fact that this film is literally about trying to create the perfect Christmas, and all our favourite characters are back (doing exactly what we thought they'd be doing); the cast get right back into the groove and humour that made the show such a success. Listen it's a Nickelodeon film so yes the plot is a bit out there. But just go along with the ridiculousness, it's such a throwback and, it's a lot of fun.


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