Friday, 16 December 2016

12 Days of Christmas Films #10

Ho ho ho. I've noticed these posts are getting shorter and shorter. But I've got tomorrow's film and it's going to make for a loooong(er) post. I think. I wouldn't know seeing as I haven't written it. Oh boy this is hard.

Jumping straight into things at Number 10 ... 

When Harry Met Sally

Haters will say this isn't a Christmas film. I'm saying, that this movie has a Christmas tree. And two New Years Eve parties sooooo

Harry and Sally meet in 1977 when they share a ride to New York (FYI, the most magical movie Christmas setting). During the drive, they butt heads over their differing views about whether or not men and women can be friends, Harry arguing that men and women can never truly be friends. After crossing paths again and again in a 5 year period; they find themselves being friends, bonding over their failed relationships. Though if you haven't seen this yet you can probably guess what happens, their friendship is probably one of the most believable ones I've seen onscreen. There are no insta-love vibes going on and for the majority of the film, we see a genuine friendship with real arguments that actually shock you, like a real friendship would (not low key/movie shock) and real moments when they're actually there for each other at their lowest. Ugh it's just beautiful!  The film's dialogue is for the most part, delivered in a fast repartee style which makes it so quotable and I think is what puts it up there with one of the best rom-coms of all time.

Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal chemistry is warm. And with all the other mild (arguably v. mild) Christmas vibes going on, this is a great one for this time of the year.

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