Saturday, 24 December 2016

12 Days of Christmas Films #1

Today is Christmas Eve, I'm about to share my favourite Christmas film of.all.time and, I've reached the end of Blogmas! Today is a good day. All you ever hear me do is moan about blogging everyday for 12 days and I didn't even do it properly. But it has also made me realise how much I love blogging and sharing all my favourite films at my favourite time of year! So, at Number 1 ... the film that made me do this whole countdown ...

The Best Man's Holiday

Just thinking about this film makes me a bit emotional. This film is actually a sequel, though I've never seen the first film  so I doubt it's important. And besides, the first few minutes of the film catches us to speed on what happened in the first film.

In The Best Man's Holiday, couple Mia (Monica Calhoun) and Lance (Morris Chesnut) send letters tto their closest friends, asking them to join their family for Christmas, all under one roof. That's Harper and his very pregnant wife Robyn, the wayward Shelby, and equally wayward Quentin, Julian and his wife Candace, her best friend Jordan along with her boyfriend Brian. Got that? Okay.

They all arrive at the house, after 14 years of seeing each other and the bond and chemistry between them is exactly the same. However as the celebrations take place, really ugly tensions rise between certain characters, notably Lance and Harper after years of hurt have gone unresolved. Harper, a novelist is penning a book called Unfinished Business (lol) which details the one night stand Harper had with Lance's then fiance years ago (don't know why he feels he need to bring this up :L).  And this betrayal is so humanly (is this the right word?) handled.

This film is a very character driven comedy which is able to juggle all these personalities to the point where you're fully invested in each character and then half way through the film, throws in a tragedy. Because of the work the film does to pull you in beforehand, this halfway point is genuinely devastating. I actually find it very difficult to cry when watching films. I'm that person who is moved, but not to tears. And I wailed. At times, it's emotionally heavy, thanks to the some exceptional performances and it also throws in themes such as black masculinity and betrayal and what it means to be a good friend. That said, it's but it's also breathtakingly uplifting. The Best Man's Holiday never forgets that it's a holiday comedy and you'll find yourself laughing through the tears.

Go find a copy of this film and watch it now, I promise it will make your Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas!

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