Sunday, 27 November 2016

Weird Cinema Experiences in France

Happy Sunday!  I've changed my blog schedule to Sundays because I personally love catching up on all my favourite blogs and Youtube channels at the end of the week. It's quite chilled isn't it? So I thought it'd be quite nice to do the same thing with my own posts. I'll still be blogging in between the week  but Sunday will be the day can come here and see something new. I hope.

My friend Jo and I recently got chatting about the first cinema experience we had in France watching Bridget Jones' Baby. And after having now had a few more cinema experiences in France, there are definitely things I'd say you should be clued up on before going.
I'm just going to set the scene of that first time. We turn to this beaut of a cinema (as usual I'd really hyped up the whole "going to a cinema in France for the first time") only to find that there was this massive queue and the place was packed. Packed as in, Marvel premiere night only ... there wasn't a single Marvel film out.

Buying tickets, choosing snacks and all that kerfuffle is normally a pretty straightforward, forgetful experience. But you know when you're doing straightforward things but you're surrounded by people which makes you act all frantic and stressed about nothing? Lady at the desks asks "Can I see your student card?" and I'm all *UGH ffs so stressed right now what do you want from me?!*
So that happens. That being absolutely nothing just humour me.

Now given the recent terrorist related incidents in France things have been a little sensitive; something you'll be reminded of after you buy your tickets. Um prepare to be frisked and searched - twice - before you get into the cinema room. Obviously if I had known this was going to happen,  I  wouldn't have worn 3 layers of clothes and an unnecessarily full handbag.

We finally get into the cinema, sit down (front row & no we weren't late but everyone turned up for Bridget Jones' Baby, 6 weeks after its release date like it was the Doctor Strange premiere.) At this point we're both annoyed, but also feeling proud and a little full of ourselves for watching a film in French, like the try-hards we are. Only to find that the whole film was in English, with French subtitles *upside down smiley face*. Turns out you can actually check before online. FYI, VF = Version Francais VO= Version Original. 

Now, I reckon anyone who's watched Bridget Jones' Baby would agree with me when I say that the film was alright. Not bad, not great, but perfectly acceptable. The kind of film that warrants smirks but not that many laugh out loud moments? Well apparently not because the cinema room was in hysterics. In one scene, the cast are dancing to Gangnam Style and most people were still laughing and "whooping" a scene later - I wish I was exaggerating. Humour is really different; you're a lot more likely to find people clapping in scenes, laughing at gags and completely missing sarcasm. So confusing to see people be so extra about the most mediocre moments. No shade.

And finally, if you're learning French, watch films in French if you can! I made such a big deal about it because the cinema is where is I like chill out and I was all "I don't want it to be a brain work out". But firstly reckon you can work a film plot without understanding a thing. Whoever said body language is 90% of communication was right. And chances are if you're learning, you understand a bit. You do, don't say you don't. And 15 later you'll forget you're watching a film in a foreign language (If it's not awful). I promise.

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