Monday, 5 September 2016

Film Review: Plastic (2014)

Plastic is a British action-comedy-crime film. So yes, there's a lot going on. Based on a true story (we'll get to this), the film tells the story of a group of four university students running a successful credit scam. Watching their early get-rich-quick escapades is a really slick yet fun way to lure you in to the plot and establish the main characters. There are a few cringe-worthy moments concerning the director's portrayal of "typical" British university students - attempts that come off as shallow, desperate and unconvincing. But early hiccups aside, it's enough of an introduction for you to be invested in the rest of the film.

In the midst of their early scams, they slip up, making a powerful enemy in  a ruthless Russian gangster (of course) - Marcel. They're given an ultimatum- fork up £2 million or get killed. So with the help of Frankie played by Emma Rigby, who is essentially baited by Sam played by Ed Speleers, the group embark on an perhaps the most far fetched scheme to raise the money.

Now. This is a plot you can get on board with as a regular movie-goer in the fictional sense but what you'll probably be thinking the entire time: "this actually happened?! ... in real life?! ... really?!". Because what happens next although manages to impressively be  clever, chaotic, funny and thrilling - all at once; it's also littered with clumsy plot holes that make you question the extent to which this story is actually based in reality. This doesn't however, take away from the well paced and creative storytelling as the film cautiously transitions to a dark, grittier tone.

Yes, the film has taken a lot of liberties regarding the plot and the "inspired by an unbelievable true story" tag line might be taking it a bit far. But this is almost forgivable, fundamentally because of the character development of the main five. Plastic juggles the complexities and nuances of each of its main characters and the chemistry between the cast makes for a near perfect ensemble performance.

There's a lot happening all at once in this movie and at times it's a bit questionable. But it almost doesn't matter because you have such a good time watching this cast and anticipating the next absurd thing that's going to happen.


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