Tuesday, 2 August 2016

This Reading Slump Life

Is this yet another post about how to get out of the reading slump funk? 

Here is Brooklyn by Colm Toibin. Winner of the Costa Novel Award, adapted into an Oscar nominated feature film, current bane of my life. 

I've legit been trying to read this book since February and haven't been into it at all so I've just been reading other things alongside it. Why did I pick it up in the first place? Because when I heard about the movie I thought I'd better read it first. And here we are, in August. If like me you watch the trailers of upcoming book to film adaptations, you've got some expectations. I knew this book would be about  homesickness but I swear the trailer also promised me a love story where the protagonist is torn between two great loves of her life. So far, Eilis is so homesick and Ireland is all she thinks about. To the point where, I'm halfway and I don't know whether she has time to fall in love with one yet alone two people I mean, the book is nearly over?!

I can't blame Brooklyn for my current reading slump though. I've just been busy being outside, eating and catching up on sleep. I'll admit I hate not reading during the summer because now is all this free(er) time to catch up on everything I've been missing so why don't I feel like reading!

Well, it's honestly okay to not read until you're feeling inspired. Read a magazine, read a comic book, read nothing at all! Since typing this I've decided to stop reading Brooklyn, watch the film and live my best life. At the end of the day, life is not you vs your Goodreads target. Or you vs Mercybookishmusings because I'm telling you now, you'll lose that one my friend.

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