Monday, 15 August 2016

It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover & curing those book hangovers

The only other Colleen Hoover book I've read is Never Never Part 1 - it was alright. Not interesting enough for me to read parts 2 and 3 and actually find out what happens. But after spontaneously picking up Colleen Hoover's latest book It Ends with Us because my *I want to buy books and the cover is nice* mood was fully activated, I'm here to tell you, in case you didn't know, the Colleen Hoover hype is not overrated, its real, this book is amazing and you need to hop on this train.

It Ends with Us is about Lily, a successful 23 year old woman living in Boston. She meets this great guy, Ryle - a charming, handsome, rich neurosurgeon *eye roll*. They vibe straight-away and their relationship is almost too good to be true. Wayyy in the back of her mind however, she still thinks of and has feelings for her first love Atlas. As time goes on, things happen that make her question her incredible relationship with Ryle and at the same time, Atlas comes back into her life in the mos unexpected way. There's so much depth with both relationships and soon everything begins to crumble. And that's it! That is all you should go in knowing. I don't think you'll appreciate or react as organically as you perhaps should, given the subject matter ... if you know what the subject matter is. All I'll say is that this is one of the most beautifully written I have read this year. The dialogue is just djwbjdgyeFGHEWsfJSBVgcva - no words. 

It'll make you laugh - so hard at times and sob - seriously. It's just one of those really moving books you read once in a while on a really important subject matter. And when I finished this book, I could not let the characters and this world go.

You know when you read a book and you're dying for a sequel even though it would serve no purpose and you just want to know what everyone in the book is getting up to? Yes, I had a bad case of a book hangover, I literally didn't want to read anything else. FYI, a book hangover is 'the feeling one gets when ripped from a fictional universe that you've spent huge amounts of time investing into, because the author selfishly decided to stop telling the story.' Here are few lessons I've learnt from getting through my most recent one ...

Feel sad, happy, pain, joy. I personally mourned the end of this book by occasionally tearing up and read nothing else for about a week. This sounds like a pretty miserable existence ha but this is also how good books are meant to be enjoyed! A book that rocks you to the core and you can't feel anything else but sadness and happiness all at the same time for a whole week?! Yes. Please.

and anyone who will listen. Your friends might not/probably won't care because let's face it; it's really hard to get excited about something you haven't experienced. But Twitter is your friend, I'll listen .. vent, sharing is caring and all that jazz.

.... listen to some podcasts ... watch Netflix ... it's time to detach so that you can create more room in your heart for new books am I right? Do anything you can to get your mind It's all temporary of course.

So you've felt all you need to feel. As I said earlier, I've now just discovered that Colleen Hoover is great so I instabought and borrowed a tonne of her books and I'm not sorry about it. It's time to move on my friend and have many more book hangovers.
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