Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Finding Cheap Books

Reading so many book blogs/watching book tube means I sometimes get a little hooked on buying a tonne of new books with lovely covers only to read them months later. But alas, I don't always have the money, nor space, to indulge in late night book binges. So from me to you, here's how you can still read a tonne, without the money guilt.

The place people went to before we discovered book-tube and started striving to own under the sun. I've just been back this afternoon and picked up 5 books I wouldn't have had the money to buy, nor the space to keep them! Free books. I forgot how great this feels.

I'm here to tell you, never ever buy that Amazon book at full price. Click on 'Used' - for secondhand books (which btw can be wonderfully cheap) or 'New' and haggle until you find the cheapest price. There are options that are nearly always cheaper than the first price you see.

Since discovering Wordery and Book Depository, my days of buying a book in a bookstore are over. Brand new books at cheaper prices with no delivery charge?! Yes please.

My kindle is one of the best investments I've made. Once you've bought a book for about £3, you get over the fact that it's not a paperback you're holding.

I have a tonne of books I'll never read again and don't care to keep so I simply sell them to friends that will. This way you make money ..... to buy more books.
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