Saturday, 21 November 2015

Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

This is currently a favourite of mine of book tube and I now feel it's time to share some of my own controversial bookish opinions.

A Popular Book/Series You Did Not Enjoy

After reading Anna and the French Kiss, I wanted to like this book so much. But Lola is such an annoyingly stereotypical "misunderstood" teenager. She's so self absorbed, immature and the entire plot-line was totally contrived. The best part of this book was honestly the Anna and St Clair cameos from Anna and the French Kiss.

A Popular Book/ Book Series that everyone hates but you love

Nicholas Sparks books are loved by some but, it's fair to say that for every fan, there is someone out there who finds them painfully cringe worthy. 

For me, these books for me are everything. I feel the characters are really fleshed out, the romances make me swoon and, he has brought me many a bookish boyfriends. My favourites are the lovely three shown above and I have 0 shame about this :)

The films however are crap, I'm with you on this one.

A Love Triangle That Didn't End the Way You Wanted It To

It should've been Gale.
If I'm being completely honest, I probably preferred the Peeta and Katniss pairing in the books but Liam Hemsworth being cast as Gale was definitely a game changer. 

A Popular Genre You Hardly Read

I find it difficult to let my mind run free and fully immerse myself fully into the fantasy genre. Problem is, I can never really take it seriously. That said, I was a  Harry Potter fan so I'm not saying never, maybe it's a case of the fantasy books I'm picking up?

A Popular/Beloved Character You Dislike

Rachel White from Something Borrowed.
I'm pretty sure I was meant to feel sorry for Rachel because she's been living in the shadow of her more outgoing, louder and frankly more interesting best friend Darcy. I would hate her less if I wasn't supposed to like her. But a. the whole sickly, sweet shy thing was a little irritating and b. she sleeps with her best friend's fiancé! And yes, she feels bad but not sorry enough because if she was, she would try just a little harder to you know, not continue sleeping with him ...

A Popular Author You Can't Seem To Get Into

Colleen Hoover. 
Lovely Like Laura, among others, rave about Colleen Hoover and I do trust her recommendations!So I read Never Never back in June and while I guess I enjoyed it, I mean it was interesting enough for me to finish it ... I just didn't care enough about the characters or the plot to read the next book.Can't really put my finger on why its a strange one. I started reading a few others by her and nothing motivates me to keep going.

A Popular Trope You're Tired of Reading

The chosen one. 
I've taken a hiatus from  YA dystopia just to avoid this trope. 
Don't get me wrong this can be done well. The Divergent series by Veronica Roth is possibly YA dystopia at its best I mean who saw that ending coming! But it is so over-done now and more often than not, is being executed in a really cliche fashion.

A Popular Book Series that you 
have no interest in reading

If I Stay and Where She Went.

I read the first twenty pages of If I Stay and it just seemed so predictable and dull. It has a cult following so it's likely I'm offending someone but I have absolutely no desire to invest even an hour into these books.

A Show/Movie Adaptation You Liked Better Than The Book

The film just captured England in a way that the book didn't. Magical! Plus, Sam Claflin and Lily Collins' chemistry was eccentric and generally gave me all.the.feels.

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