Saturday, 28 November 2015

Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot

SO. Who else was seriously excited when you found out that Meg Cabot was writing a new Princess Diaries book? If you didn't know this was a thing ... SURPRISE - you're welcome. 

I read Royal Wedding back in June when I was thinking about starting this blog. I have much love for the series so I knew it'd be featured in one way or another. I assumed it would be a review. AFTER reading this book, I decided that I have way too many feelings about it, to put it into a nice little neat review.
I needed a full on therapeutic discussion/ analysis situation where I unpack my feelings. And alas, Book Chats were born. When I give you a Book Chat, trust that we will go IN on a book. 

 As I said, I was procrastinating, found out this was a thing - excitement ensued. Was this book necessary? Not really. The last Princess Diaries book was satisfying and sealed everything off really well. 

So of course there were haters who didn't want this book to happen. But I feel this was a book for the fans. When you become attached to a character, especially one that grew up with you, the dream is to find out how they've been getting on .. right?

I have to say the first ½  of this book, more than delivered.We start right bang in the middle of a royal crisis. Mia's dad, the Prince of Genovia, is arrested for racing a car in New York - he's going off the rails. What was so delightful about this book was seeing Mia coming into her own as a royal - but the spirit of Mia from the earlier books is still here. 

This is honestly one of the funniest books I've read this year. Rarely will a book make me laugh but the EASTER EGGS in this book are priceless and, there were so many references to pop culture that just made my heart fuzzy. Just thinking about some of the lines is making me laugh. And I'm currently in a library. And people are looking at me ... and I'm still laughing. 

Which brings me on to my second point,  I forgot how much I missed Grandmere! She's ruder, sassier and more sarcastic than ever. How a character can possess so many terrible traits but be so likeable is a mystery.


The plot however takes a turn for the worse. The last quarter of the book stopped being funny when I started being able to predict what was going to happen.

We find out that Mia has a little sister who's mixed race. Okay, I quite liked that this. It was still unpredictable at this point and no one would have seen this coming. 
But of-course she had to be an an orphan. Of course she had to be bullied. Of course she had to have the evil aunt and uncle. Of course she had to be the perfectly behaved child. 

Michael proposes. Yes, we did see this coming, the book is called Royal Wedding. But considering the book isn't about a wedding, the title didn't make much sense to me. I would have also preferred the proposal to be a surprise but because of the title, I was just waiting for it. 

Mia is pregnant ...with twins. How original.  

Mia's step-dad dies. This was of course terrible. But it seems Mia's mum forgot it was terrible because of insta-love that then ensues between herself and Mia's dad. This came completely out of the blue. It was thrown in at the end, almost desperately and it was so unnecessary. 

So on a whole, the book went from being quirky and funny and unpredictable; to a complete cliché overload with very pristine, perfect sub plots. 

Meg Cabot has also started a middle-grade series about Olivia, Mia's half sister. I'm not too sure about this one. Olivia, although sweet, doesn't seem interesting enough to have whole books about her. While I said I wouldn't read this series, the second book which comes out in May next year, is about Mia's actual wedding. So you better believe, I will be there for that.

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